Kiwi expat creative Leon Wilson departs Fallon Minneapolis for SVP group creative director role on Wrigley account at Energy BBDO Chicago

LeonPortrait.jpgKiwi expat Leon Wilson has departed the group CD role at Fallon Minneapolis for Energy BBDO Chicago as SVP group creative director on the Wrigley account.

Originally from New Zealand, Wilson joined Fallon Minneapolis in November 2009 as a group creative director from Publicis Mojo Melbourne, following the move by Aussie expat Darren Spiller to the chief creative officer role at Fallon.

Before Fallon Wilson was creative director of the Mojo Melbourne office, overseeing work on Tourism Victoria, Nestle, Nike, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, and HP among others.

Prior to that, Wilson spent five years in London at Mother. He started his career at Colenso BBDO in Auckland.
Says Wilson: "I was attracted to Energy BBDO because Wrigley is such a great creative opportunity, but what really cemented it in my mind was the culture of the agency. Dan Fietsam and his team not only have an ambition and enthusiasm that is infectious, but possess the mental maturity and intelligence to think around corners. It's an agency full of smart people wanting to push things and have fun in the process. That's a very charismatic combination."

Says Dan Fietsam, Energy BBDO chief creative officer: "Leon is a global creative talent and a great cultural fit for us. In addition to his brilliant award winning portfolio, he authored one of my personal favorite campaigns."


Jason said:

Well done my hairy friend!

Weak at the knees said:

Handsome devil...

Tim H said:

Having worked on them, clients don't get tougher than Wrigley. Good luck with that one...

Good job said:

Lucky BBDO. Leon's a super-smart dude, and from what I hear, was wanted by many a shop. Wrigley is a massive creative lure, and I'm betting on great things.

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