ADMA Creative School launches 2012 student recruitment campaign to help juniors 'get noticed'

get.jpgFollowing the appointment of Rob Morrison, OgilvyOne Sydney's creative director, to head tutor of ADMA Creative School back in May, the school has now launched its student recruitment campaign.

Suit and Creative Schools start August 15. Enrolments are now open, and details can be found online here. Places are limited.  

noticed.jpgEntitled 'Get Noticed' the work is a collaboration between OgilvyOne, Pomegranate Studios, photographer Steve Greenaway, plus make up and body painting artists Michelle Dube and Becca Gilmartin. During a marathon 15 hour photo shoot the team literally made a receptionist and a studio junior disappear.

Says Morrison: "I'm delighted to say the idea didn't actually come from me. It came from one of the original Creative School graduates. Gillian Browne, who won Creative School in 2002, clearly remembered how she felt when she was looking for a break into the creative department. She was working as a receptionist and she said she felt invisible."

On talking about the contribution Agency School provides to the Australian marketing and advertising industry, Morrison said: "Both Agency School and Suit School are designed to meet a genuine industry need. Creative directors and managing directors of direct agencies have been frustrated by the lack of junior talent. We needed a way to train the next round of starts so they can hit the ground running. So they can contribute from day one. And it's working. In the ten years since we started Creative School you only need to look at how many graduates have successful careers in agencies. One in three. It's solved our problem and the students."


Creativity School? said:

First up on the curriculum - how to steal a good idea then copy it exactly:

Inspiration is everywhere said:

Wouldn't be the first to borrow from/be influenced by art - at least it ain't another ad.

Liu Bolin said:

Stealing artists work won't get you noticed in the right way.

Google > Liu Bolin

Oh rly? said:

And thousands more at Cannes in 2009.

Really?! said:

No ADMA. No.

Lester Wunderman said:

Utter cobblers. This is a total embarrassment, a creative school supposedly advertising itself by doing something derivative, it's almost as bad as those shots they did the other year where all the CDs were crying - 'out for new talent'. Boom!

There's a lot of good DM creatives out there who deserve better than the continual nonsense ADMA puts out. No wonder the DM industry is still struggling to shake of the Reader's Digest monkey.

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