Red Rooster's research puts Hawaiian Pack back on the menu in new spot via 303Lowe, Perth

RedRooster.jpgA Red Rooster market research session produces some interesting results after the attendance of an unusual character in this spot from 303Lowe, Perth.



The Offices said:

I found this very funny. Love it.

ted said:

And it's shoot really well to set up the gag.

spectales said:

two things:
a) this is bloody hilarious
b) good to see the Hawaiian pack make a return!

I red-red-ready for more said:

'bout time Red Rooster picked up their game - always great chicken, always average ads. Looks like they're finally doing something about it.

what John? said:

good to see the production company getting ready with some positivity up front. This is rubbish - a bit like what's its advertising.

and the focus group is such an underused set-up.

Guess who's commenting? said:

Two comments from the 303 Sydney office.

You're Busted said:


Zef said:

If only the creatives had heard of Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, this might have worked.

Ha! said:

First spot to get an audible laugh from my couch in a while - dig it!

spectales said:

What a bitter place this website has become, or perhaps has always been. I'm guessing accusing "positivity" of being a plant is the pathetic mindset of those who do this in the first place.

Dave said:

Is that Spirko?

RR said:

I like this idea, and did get a laugh out of it.

But, it did take me a couple of viewings to really "get" it.
I could guess the gist of it, but the audio mix (coupled with the character's accent) make it quite hard to understand exactly on the first couple of takes.

Just think it gets in the way of what is a really good, out of the box idea.
My view is punters at home don't work too hard to understand something and if it takes any effort beyond the second viewing you've probably lost them.

I hope everyone else have a much better TV/Stereo/reception set up than i do, and it's just me experiencing that.

Oh Puhleeze said:

Stop right there, praisers. Is the hero talent supposed to be a Hawaiian stereotype? Then why does he come across as a cross between some weirdo Indian and Cheech Marin? Where's his lap-steel guitar, Islander ethnicity, floral lei and cliche Hawaiian shirt?

yeah hmm said:

No, the hero talent is not meant to be a Hawaiian stereotype. He's meant to be a 'Retro dude" as the title suggests.
It's ok - just feel like I want him to say and do more. Could be funnier. Good casting though.

Oh come on... said:

Seriously, this is rubbish.

martin said:

wow - what an amazing response to a terrible 30 second fast food spot advertising a 10 pile of poo. And there are those that are trying to pass it off as art. Rubbish

Detti said:

I have tried to work out what the retro dude is saying....Call me stupid...but i cant hear what the last word is....Current Culinary ????? Please help

Nessio said:

Yeah, what does the retro guy say? Sounds like "current culinary rectum"? Lol

Barry said:


Anonymous said:

hope the chicken comes crumbed too, a tru hawaiian style pack

Just me said:

I thinks it sounds like rectum. What is he saying?

Stedy said:

Just saw the ad and it's sound like rectum to all of us.

tvwatc said:

He says rectum. I don't get it.

I don't get what the art farts are talking about at the top or this page either.

If its some "in" joke for media types then u fail if no one else gets it.

rmjt said:

My whole family have been thinking it's "culinary rectum" but I think it may be "culinary breakdown" in his very strong accent. Lol.

twinkle said:

isn't he saying "repetoire"?

knackers said:

Or are we (the viewers) just the "butt" of some advertising gurus twisted sense of humour ????

Irregular user said:

He definately says "rectum" it's a shit ad by the way

Shezzaam said:

My 8yr old daughter and have listened over and over. Sounds like 'rectum' to us.
Then of course, she laughs, lots.

robyn said:

Please settle an argument between my husband and me , does he say rectum,repitiore or breakdown. Come on Red Rooster.

Scoop said:

The last word is definetly ' Breakdown ' It is said pretty quick with his accent, and when you say it pronounced like 'Brekdon ' it becomes clear, hope this helps.

Carvling said:

Current Culinary Rectum? Must taste like arse!

davex said:

current culinary SPECTRUM

Anonymous said:

omg! i thought it was rectum

theman said:

Ummm has anyone noticed that they've used the same actor who starred in ads for rival fast food chicken chain Nando’s about three years ago. See link -

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