'Slating', the second installment of Cadbury Boost's 'Meme Myself and I' three-part doco series released on MTV Australia via Droga5

Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 1.45.11 PM.jpg'Slating', the second installment of Cadbury Boost's three-part documentary series entitled Meme Myself and I has been released on MTV Australia.

The series is part of Cadbury Boosted Inspiration Series multiplatform campaign.

VIEW 'SLATING' - the second installment
The third installment, 'Big Heading' will debut on MTV and its digital channels later today.
Cadbury's Boosted Inspiration campaign was born to honor people who "seek to start stuff" and Meme Myself and I profiles three industrious individuals searching for the next big thing online. Created by Droga 5 in collaboration with BE VIACOM (formerly MTV Brand Solutions), Ignite Media Brands and Carat, BE VIACOM commissioned Infinity Squared to produce the series.
Meme Myself and I was written by Nick Boshier (Beached Az, Bondi Hipsters), directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren (Bondi Hipsters) and creative directed by Droga5's Cam Blackley in collaboration with BE Viacom.
Says Blackley: "I'm wrapped with Meme, Myself & I. You couldn't work with a more talented bunch of people with a brand of funny that's crucial to where we see the Boosted Inspiration campaign heading." 
Says Dave Jansen, Infinity Squared managing partner: "For us it's awesome to be writing and producing along side people like Droga5 and BE VIACOM. We've learned a lot from them."
Says Colin Blake, vice president of BE VIACOM Australia/New Zealand: "Tapping into the creative minds of Nick, Christiaan, Cam and Dave led to developing content that is not only hilarious but kick starts Meme Myself and I in a way that's bound to get people talking about Cadbury Boost."
The BE VIACOM-created documented series follows up the first TVC campaign installment that told the story of Leo, the self-proclaimed creator of 'Moreing,' which has generated over 800,000 views online. To round out the campaign, Cadbury Boost will be asking consumers to submit their own ideas for 'starting something', with an impressive prize to be offered.

VIEW 'MEOWBOOK' - the first installment

More details will be made available at MTV Boost.


Slate that said:

That's cool.

Hmmm said:

Moreing was good. This is kinda lame.

Simon said:

LOVE IT! Im just happy its not another update about The Campaign Palace.

domino said:

These spots go on for wayyyyyy too long.

Totally random idea said:

I think D5 are searching for 'the next big thing' with this campaign.
Keep looking, guys.

quentin said:

But what is the link to the product or brand?

Anyone can go and create a bullshit doco series on meme makers and slap a chocolate bar on the end, but without an insight or any relevance, how do you justify your paycheck? For the record, i thought Moreing was good, because the ideas of MORE and BOOST seemed compatible, but after Meowbook and now this, i'm completely unsold.

Not a hater... said:

Moreing was great. Humour felt natural. I like the idea of 'slating' even if it's not linked to the brand or a brand promise. But it came off with too many nudges and too many winks.

Derp said:

Love it.

Less is Moreing said:

Better than Meowbook or whatever. Not even close to Moreing though. Humour feels a bit forced. What's the Fordham interview for? Nicely shot though i think. Is the app in the pipeline i wonder?

Too much said:

The only thing funny about this is how much 'Moreing' is required to explain what it is.

'Slating', the second instalment of 'Meme, Myself and I', part of the Cadbury Boosted Inspiration Series, created by Droga 5 in collaboration with BE VIACOM, Ignite Media Brands, Carat, Infinity Squared, the Bondi Hipsters and Cam Blackley in collaboration with BE Viacom.


I totally agree with Quentin.

C said:

Irrelevant, boring, trying so, so hard.

no more... said:

stop the mockumentary......please.... boring. trying so hard to be boring...

He may be memeing memes, but... said:

The 19 Likes, 0 Tweets and 0 G+ shares are telling me this ain't a meme. And why does every comedy thing now sound like David Brent?

Dog's Dinner said:

Moreing, Boosting, Inspiration Series, meme Myself and I.
Which one is it?

Moreing fan. said:

Should have stuck with the Moreing thing and expanded it from there. It was really funny and almost plausible that people might get into it. These new things are just confusing and not as funny.

Not good said:

The original idea was taken from Architectural firm a/LTA.

" We are not very happy. We are looking into to it."


self indulgent said:

That really fell on its backside. Before this, you were in a really fertile area, then you fucked it. And as for the Aussie journalist inclusion? One word: Nadir.

This is really said:


IMHO said:

As much as I love Cadbury's joy inducing randomness, to me this self-congratulatory work for the creatives. I'd be really surprised if this does anything impressive for the client's bottom line.

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