The Athlete's Foot launches 'Find Your Fit' film-style commercials via BMF and Goodoil

wifecarrying.jpgBMF has created its first brand campaign for The Athlete's Foot (TAF) with the launch of the 'Find your Fit' campaign.
The campaign plays on TAF's core differentiator of 'Fit' and heroes the importance of this to help find the things that you love doing in life and having the right shoe to support these pursuits.
fulltimewalker.jpgThrough a series of three film-style documentaries, shot and directed by acclaimed director Hamish Rothwell from Goodoil, the campaign highlights the different ways people have found their fit.

The campaign is a new direction for the brand and aims to create a stronger emotional connection with consumers.
Says Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, joint executive creative directors at BMF: "The challenge of this campaign was to create a new brand platform, extending the benefit of having the right shoe fit into a more emotional territory: finding your fit in life."
keyboardqueen.jpgSays Alice Telford, head of marketing at The Athlete's Foot: "The new campaign was required to engage emotionally with the consumer, announce our cross category offering and increase market share along with highlighting the importance of the right fit for you."
The three TVCs will launch this week and will be supported by a digital and print campaign, as well as a point of sale presence nationally.


nice said:


nim said:

love it!!

pseudonym said:

love these! wife carrying is gold!

Foot Fetish said:

Wow not only great creative, but great work turning a brand's advertising from 'eeehhh' to 'entertaining'!

Awesome work BMF!

Ceek said:

These spots are beautifully written and executed! The insight is cleverly woven into the three variations - my favourite being the wife carrying comp. Cudos to the brilliant creatives behind these well crafted stories!!! For once I actually enjoy watching an Athlete's Foot commercial.

nicer said:


itsgood said:


p said:

The only winner here is the production company. That is, if they were able to make any coin out of it.

who said:

have droga done these?
is this now how it's done?
unconvincing short docos about weirdos.

BF said:

piano is incredibly naff

meh said:

Quirky characters in mockumentary style ads, please stop with them already. Client seemed to want something great, this isn't it.

Howdog said:

Great work. Well done to those involved.
Let the haters hate. No-one raves about their eDM's.

Well played said:

Walker and wife carry are bloody great

Lazy lazy lazy said:

I am sick to death of this cookie-cutter formulaic school of advertising. With the emphasis on school. Because that's about the standard of it. False doco, naff piano, quirky lead character, hand-held camera, shitty editing, weak grade, false sincerity, it's got the lot.

A fan said:

Very cool.

JP's Shoelace Director said:

Love these. One of the best spots to come out last few months.

Deja vu said:

Agree with Who.
This could be another in the lame Boosted Inspiration Moreing brought to you by Domestos stuff.

Fuck the haters said:

These are nice guys. Very charming, and a world away from where athletes foot used to be. Nice idea too.

Gareth McKinnon said:

Wife carrying made me lol.

Shane said:

Warren would never approve that, ever.

Keith said:

Just love it. Well done.

Man on the street said:

Funny. That's all that matters.

who said:

@man on the street.

I guess you'll laugh at anything

They're not dull said:

They're ads for a retail chain.

They do use some borrowed interest, but ultimately all the stories are about shoes and the people who wear them.

They bring 'find your fit' to life.

I really can't see much to bitch about.

Actually said:

I disagree.

There's a lot of great work for retail chains.

There's also a lot of great work for fairly mundane products and the people who use them. Like shoes, for example.

i think perhaps you're in the wrong business.

Scott said:

Love them.

JSO said:

Social media seems to extend to Blog Control. In this instance one would feel it was quite needed.

Wifecarrier said:

That brand has been around for decades and nobody ever did anything good for it. All I can say is congrats

NZ Customs said:

Pash & Carlo. Good work from a humble duo.

ANDY said:

I can buy the same shoe at Rebel cheaper.
So why should i buy at TAF

Fuck me... said:

For where that brand used to be these are great. Blog must be full of poms today. Whinge whinge whinge.

They're not boring said:

Some Prince or Princess suggests I'm in the wrong business because I like an ad he or she doesn't? Frankly, fuck you.

Now that's retail said:

Man am I sick of the tall poppies in this country.

Respect where respect is due; good work boys! Killer campaign.

Love them said:

These are the best ads for Rebel Sport in a long time!

macca said:

I think the piano one was crap just thrown in their for the client meeting as a backup. But look, where was the brand before, have they established the point of difference, and does it pave the way for a solid future strategy. The answer is yes on both counts

It certainly wont win a pencil but the client should be happy with this.

Richard III said:

I don't think it's just good considering the brand. It's a great work. If that's not a pencil next year then what?

Like said:


meh said:

The end is nigh. Spend your points before they shut the doors. Oh, wrong post, this shits all over the qantas ad.

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