The Loop launches new Course listings - ad industry leaders and educators say study is the key to career success in creative fields

Craig-Davis-Publicis-Mojo-Chairman-01.jpgAs The Loop launches new Courses listings, industry leaders and top educators say study is the key to career success in creative fields.

In a move backed by key industry figures, The Loop has today launched a new tool designed to make it easier for creative professionals to access ongoing education and training opportunities.
The creative industry networking site has developed the free Courses service, to help students and professionals from the spectrum of creative industries, find undergraduate and post graduate study opportunities, short and night courses, as well as seminars and workshops, from leading universities, TAFEs and privates colleges.

The Courses portal will be a comprehensive listing and search tool for study across all creative industries, from advertising to interior design to film and television, for everyone from school leavers and juniors, through to senior level professionals.
The Loop_Courses.jpgThe launch of Courses comes off the back of strong interest from the creative community for a service which makes finding out about education and professional training opportunities easier, with three quarters of those recently surveyed (In 2012, The Loop undertook a survey of 1,628 of its subscribers) by The Loop asking for the resource. The new offer is also a response to industry demand for employees who continue to grow their knowledge base throughout their working life and are multi-skilled in a number of arenas.
Key industry leaders and educators agree on the need for creative professionals to continue learning.
Says Craig Davis (pictured above), co-chairman and chief creative officer at Publicis Mojo: "In order to offer a compelling and valuable service to our clients, and continue to produce work that is world class, we need to hire and retain the very best people.
"Professional experience, hard work and raw talent are only part of the picture. Those who also continue their education throughout their careers and keep abreast of changes and advances in the industry as they progress, are the one's who have the most success".
Already involved in the project are institutions that are internationally recognised for their excellence in education for the creative industries, including the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), both the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and the College of Fine Arts (COFA) at the University of NSW, and Billy Blue College of Design. A comprehensive list of courses from top creative schools across the country will be added to the service over the coming weeks, with the number of course listings set to grow on a daily basis.
Sandra Levy AFTRS CEO.jpgSandra Levy (left), CEO of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, also says education gives people a competitive edge.
Says Levy: "In today's economic climate, where competition for jobs is high, having a quality education is a key factor in achieving career goals. And this doesn't apply just to school leavers. We're seeing more and more people with an already established career, returning to post-graduate study or attending short courses, because their industries are moving at such a fast pace and they need to stay ahead. A resource that helps people better access information about their education options is a great idea."
The service is the next step in the The Loop's program to grow its portfolio of resources to better skill, educate and connect people working in the creative industries. The Loop aims to provide a holistic service for creative professionals and students, with career opportunities, courses, creative workspace listings, a professional development blog and an industry networking platform.
Launched in December 2009, The Loop currently showcases the work of over 33,000 Australian creative professionals. This innovative visual marketplace connects talent with 4000 creative companies and is free to join. The Loop receives over 100,000 unique visitors per month.

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Of Course said:

"We need to hire and retain the very best people."

Too bad that hasn't been the strategy at Publicis.

As far as Courses is concerned, maybe someone can teach a class on how to perform the role of an executive creative director from the perspective of an account manager.

The accountants have taken over the creative workplace, and now they're teaching the youngsters how to follow their example.

It would be tragic if it weren't so pathetic.

Grammar said:

That or classes in when to use 'are' or 'is' in a sentence?

Ooh! said:

Ooh, problems at mojo I hear?

Any ... You know .... News for us 'Of Course?'

Groucho said:

@Grammar: if the name of the product is 'Courses' then 'is' is correct, even if it sounds wrong.

Of much more interest I would have thought is how long are they going to keep that poor elephant locked up in the room.

Of Course said:


Ah, the triumph of the uncluttered mind.

Had your bothered to read the article, you'd know that 'Courses' is the name of the program that's being launched on The Loop. It's a title, and therefore singular, matching the verb 'is' just as it does in the post you found it necessary to critique, without portfolio.

Before you take on the task of instructing others about grammar, even assuming the word as your pseudonym, it might be helpful to have some knowledge of the subject.

The persistent problem with an entire 'generation of the self' is the absolute need to have an opinion and to register it whomever will read/listen, even with those who will not, without ever bothering to gather the knowledge required for that opinion to have any validity.

It's the triumph of style over substance to a degree that would be laughable, if it weren't so tragic. The tragedy of our age truthfully, or one of them, right up there with accountants capturing the creative workshop for their own.

Clock ticking said:

Another self indulgent vanity project for the ego. Anything for a photo opportunity, hey?
Where does he find the time to run an agency, be an ECD, CCO and Co-Chairman whilst being involved with Brand Karma, Circus, Advance, to name but a few?

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