Toyota hires 'The Drift King' to promote the high performance Toyota 86 in new spot via Mojo

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 5.13.25 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-07-02 at 5.13.43 PM.jpgToyota, via agency Publicis Mojo Sydney, has put to air a new spot promoting its high performance Toyota 86. The spot stars Japanese race driver Keiichi Tsuchiya - known as the 'drift king' - who creates a race track in the outback using the car.

The spot, directed by Patrick Hughes via production company Finch, links to a microsite to demonstrate the car's impressive features.


The new Toyota 86 campaign reignites pure driving fun and excitement with "raw driving".
A rear-wheel-drive sports coupe that draws on the legacy of Sports 800, GT 2000 and AE- 86, the Toyota 86 offers a driving experience that has been out of reach for too many for too long.
Publicis Mojo led strategic and creative campaign development across all platforms including television, experiential, out-of-home, print and dealer support.

Says Craig Davis, co-chairman and chief creative officer, Publicis Mojo: "The Toyota 86 is not just a brilliant car, it opens up a whole new category of driving. The campaign dramatically brings to life the thrill of the 86 driving experience.

"Toyota has a long and rich heritage of motor sports and sports cars. Research tells us that Australian motoring enthusiasts believe that technology has taken the fun out of the driving experience. The Toyota 86 will bring that back; it's a car for people who want to drive, rather than be driven."

Client - Toyota Australia
Agency - Publicis Mojo Sydney
Chief Creative Officer - Craig Davis
Creative Director - Pim van Nunen
Writer - Ian Williamson
Art Director - Adam Whitehead
Executive Producer - Roy de Giorgio
Account leadership - Dean Divehall, Aaron Thomas, Sanja Zanelli, Danielle Davies, Andrew Howie
Planning - Nicole Milward
Media - Gary Peace and Julie Tilley
Production Company - Finch
Director - Patrick Hughes
Producer - Cath Anderson
Music/Sound - Song Zu


reg said:

That's the ultimate track! It's like something you find at a kids fun park.

k said:

That was awesome.

WB said:

Just saw this on TV. Very sick. Yeeeww!

Joe M said:


Jimmy the nose said:

Where are all the haters?

Adland said:

Nothing to hate here... Which sucks BTW!

Hoon said:

Just some good old car porn. Bringing a bit of sexy back to the old T.

sorry to say said:

i'm the hater and i think it is rubbish. i don't like the execution at all.....and boring idea!

rev said:

Love it.. anyone know what the song is?

Real Drifter. said:

If you are going to exploit Drifting to sell your lame non turbo charged car. At least drift on Tarmac. This is just a someone doing a crap dirt circle.

rob said:

raw driving promises so much. this painfully under delivers.

yawn. said:

feels like a client edit to me.

e said:

Real Drifter > obviously you know nothing about Aussie advertising.
No 1. you are not allowed to show 'drifting' on Aussie roads (your tarmac)
No 2. If you are talking about drifiting at a race track...then it defeats the purpose of the ad which is to create a race track by the drift king.

Sean Boswell said:

@ e:

that's fine re the no drifting on roads, but as a viewer why should I care or need to know in order to make the ad make sense?

e said:

@Sean Boswell:
I don't work for these guys btw...but i do know abit about 'Keiichi Tsuchiya'. He is a legend with the old AE 86 (or Trueno)....So with Toyota releasing a new 86, it sorta makes sense to bring Keiichi Tsuchiya into the picture. I think Mojo wanted Keiichi Tsuchiya to give his approval and his fans will go gaga over it. As he is a 'drift king', it just doesn't make sense to make him drive on a straight road. So with that out of the equation..all he can do it make a race track out of dirt. Appeal to the enthusiast and others will follow, i suppose.
I doubt the effectiveness of this ad though in Aus...might do well in Japan.

Sean Boswell said:

@ e

Agreed. It's an interesting one for sure.
Having him drive on dirt is kind of the only option for it to work. Focus does seem a bit misplaced though as you mention.

m said:

Good track.

Shit car ad.

n said:

Great track.

Shit hot car ad.

I'm in the market.

officer drift said:

yr all gaz lovers, it is only illegal to drift on aussie roads if you get caught!! i do it frequently and hav had no trouble at all with the law, as i also found out if you outrun them with no plates, outrunning is also legal. This is truly a great country so stop tarnishing the land. also putting more rubber on the roads help keep up maitenance saving taxpayers money.

jess said:

Can someone please tell me what the song is called???
Ive been looking for it everywhere!

mkt 101 said:

This ad makes no sense, why show a rear wheal drive car drifting on dirt like a 4wd rally car. how does this demonstrate the car and fit in with toyotas target market. half the time all you see is dirt.
toyota has released a brilliant car with a great concept of the ae86 history. that gives both tuners unlimited opportunity to work on and those on their P's and in their 40's a nice sporty car at a great price point.
shame the creative at mojo missed the mark with this ad as they had great opportunity here.

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