Trent Silins appointed first state manager as SNAKK Media moves across southern states

Trent S SNAKK.jpgWith tablet and smartphone use soaring across Australia, and rich media enjoying exponential growth, SNAKK Media is marching on Melbourne, after appointing Trent Silins as its first state manager.

Trent Silins is a veteran of digital marketing and will accelerate the company's growth in both Victoria and South Australia. He previously led campaigns for tier-one agencies such as Emitch, Carat, OMD and UM.  He also spent several years at Optus and Telstra, leading to a rich depth of knowledge of the telco industry and its technologies.

Says Silins: "Australians have adopted mobile devices significantly faster than in the US, UK and Europe, creating a huge opportunity in the local market. With over half of Australians now owning smartphones, and 2.6 million using tablets (Telsyte data), rich mobile media is the future direction of campaigns.
"My new role with SNAKK Media is to build our exposure and work with brands across the Southern states. We'll also educate agencies and their brands about how they can harness both the audience and technology across mobile devices."

According to SNAKK's recent experience, rich mobile ads are enjoying much better cut through than traditional products. They're noticed by 87% of smartphone users (IPSOS research) and participation rates are particularly high in more advanced campaigns that feature games, video, and integration with social apps.

Silins says a big attraction was SNAKK's key focus on achieving client objectives and measuring success.

Says Silins: "SNAKK has several exclusive, industry leading technologies that are delivering incredible results. They're exciting to talk about and for brands to engage with. And also critically, they can be tracked and analysed with accuracy."

SNAKK has consistently been first to market in Australia with new technologies such as rich mobile media, delivering improved outcomes and return on investment for mobile advertisers. This innovation has seen SNAKK's revenues nearly quadruple over the last two years: from $586,000 in March 2011 to over $2 million by March 2012.

SNAKK's recent successes include:

  • over 351 mobile campaigns for premium brands in Australia
  • team size tripled over the past 12 months
  • delivering over 1,434 mobile campaign outcomes for clients
  • building over 102 branded mobile campaign sites
  • tracking and delivering over 291,095 rich media interaction events
  • tracking and delivering over 20,137 mobile video views


Dreamy Eyes said:

Best. PR shot. Ever.

Chris said:

Good on you mate!

Clem said:

Well done, Trent. A great move by Snakk.

Charlotte said:

Well done

Sake said:

SNAKK Media - well done on this fabulous appointment - Trent Silins is a star!

Sarah said:

Fantastic appointment by Snakk. Absolute super star!

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