Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth stars in latest Foxtel campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-08-24 at 3.49.46 PM.jpgAussie actor and Hollywood superstar, Chris Hemsworth stars in the latest campaign from Foxtel, via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney.

The lead commercial, which will launch with a national roadblock on Foxtel at 7pm on Sunday night, was crafted by award-winning director Joel Pront from Collider. In the spot, Hemsworth is immersed in the Foxtel world by interacting with the Foxtel family and the characters from Foxtel's great shows including Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom.

Screen shot 2012-08-24 at 3.49.56 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-08-24 at 4.16.38 PM.jpgClient: Foxtel
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Creative Directors: Dom Megna and Luke Chess
Art Director: Rogan Briggs
Group Account Director: Rodney Mooseek
Account Director: Aleks Pawelek
Planning: Al Crawford, David Halter
Producer: Lisa Brown
Director: Joel Pront
Production Company: Collider
Executive Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
Post Production: Fuel VFX
Post Producer: Lucy Hunt


iSpy said:

That is some legitimate horrible continuity in the newsroom throwing remote shot.


Collision said:

Put out on a Friday at 4PM hoping nobody would notice?

Crafted by, now there's a new credit. Did that include the editing?

Yesterday said:

Former award winners are not necessarily like fine wine. They don't all get better with age, especially if the bottle has been emptied.

Help Us said:

a national roadblock . . . Oh my god, there's no escape

Thor's Deodorant said:

Foxtel is shit, and does not deliver on this paper-thin promise in any way, shape or form.

The people at Foxtel need to get it into their thick heads that everyone in Australia who wants Foxtel has got it already, and no amount of money spent on pumped-up actors and ridiculously bad sets and make up is going to change that. At best, a small percentage of new migrants or young professionals moving out of home constitutes the target audience for this campaign - does that warrant spending all this money? Go figure.

meh said:

Read between the lines. Chess and clems sydney had 5/8 of fark all to do with this spot. The creative is being done by CHE. Hence the spot is the shite that Foxtel deserve.

Thor she blows said:

This is slightly too obvious a solution to the brief, though unlike many of the others I've seen it doesn't end with some cringeworthy variation on "...right into your living room."

On the plus side, Chris's accent is a lot less wobbly than the Mighty Hamm(er)y one he assumed as Thor. (OK, I'm just jealous because most females I know want to do him.)

Clems Sydney/CHE said:

Same difference. Both shit. Both getting fired by Foxtel very soon if they keep this rubbish up.

Really? said:

Is it that bad? Really? Big name, bit of fun, watchable. Still better than most tripe on the tube right now.

Spaniel Russell said:

That's truly ghastly. I imagine the words 'blockbuster' and 'hollywood' are been bandied around the corridors of Foxtel.

m said:

Meh works at Clems obviously, why would you defend this :-)

Joker said:

Why so serious?

John said:

Christ, for years we had to put up with Wolverine appearing in Foxtels shitty ads, now we have to put up with Thor! Honestly, its a strategy as old as Odin himself , Clems Sydney deserves to be hammered for this shite.

Ann said:

Disappoint with all the Foxtel ads, when promised no ads when we signed up

Pinch Method said:

Every male who has taken the time to moan about this spot could have better spent it trying to emulate Chris Hemsworth. Do us all a favour.

for you said:

advertising isn't for you, its for the people who buy shit you bunch of jealous wankers.

and guess what the people like chris hemsworth! and most probably love this commercial

if more of you ad types spent less time upchucking your jealousy, from your over designed open plan offices, on this site and more time thinking about what audiences like, the fear of losing your jobs from your dying industry might subside for a day or two

Jill Pill said:


Just saying said:

Why can't people meow repeatedly like they did in the olden days?

Incomprehensible nonsense and noise said:

It's a pity when an idea that must have sounded compelling in theory fails so spectacularly to translate to the screen. And particularly for this, of all products! The great unwashed may well like Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth 4:52AM, but that doesn't prevent him looking uncomfortably out of place in this this confusing jumble.

@for you said:

Brilliantly crafted and inspirational brand advertising has been made for Apple, Nike, HBO (the work that this Foxtel campaign is modelled after, but that's where the comparison ends), Volkswagen, Guinness, Johnny Walker, Sony, Levis, Honda, Smirnoff, Audi, Stella Artois, Heineken, and even locally for Toyota, Tooheys, and Subaru.

I'm guessing that those iconic spots not only helped to put these brands into billions of dollars in sales, but more importantly they guaranteed that the image of the brand and the emotional connections that great advertising, storytelling essentially created between the brand and its customers insured that those kinds of sales will continue for years to come.

On the other hand, we have the unimaginative, retail kind of work seen here, and we can't help but wonder just how completely clueless you and your friends with marketing and accounting degrees, but absolutely no creative feel and no true economic foresight into what we have the potential to do with advertising, must be in order to find yourselves defending this campaign and its miserable execution.

@for you said:

It's people like you who make shit like this.
Waste of money, wasting peoples time.

Meh said:

@For you

You work in that rats nest that passes for a marketing dept at Foxhell. You signed off this piece of shit, and now you're getting all miffy that your idea is terrible. If anyone is about to lose their job it's YOU. Eat shit.

Hammertime said:

Nahhhhhhh, no-one's going to lose their job. Calm down. It's inoffensive. 95% of what's on TV is inoffensive. You done better lately? Honestly? People can generally name-drop great campaigns, very few can do them. Next time Clems gets a Foxhell brief, just let them know how to knock it out of the park creatively. Make sure they credit you, and pay you.

@Hammertime said:

Your creative bar of "it's inoffensive" is set pretty low, even by Foxtel standards.

Good to hear that the Aussie ad industry folk can name drop great campaigns, but are by-and-large incapable of creating them.

Is this because the locals are less talented, or because people like yourself, in management, or suits, or strategists, all more sympathetic to accounting than creative interests, are killing the industry by taking a lowest common denominator approach to brand advertising and in the process slowly killing the industry.

That's a rhetorical question.

Wow said:

That is a really amateur piece of poo. Poorly done. Poorly crafted.

I was there said:

Who wrote it? No credit?

Not so bad said:

I still feel Chris was a good choose for the add. People like him. Don't know where all the bagging is coming from, guess some people feel intimated by him (couldn't be intimated by Foxtel as sorta sux). Good job Chris.

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