Cannes Lions tally vs Olympic medal tally

CANNES-vs-OLYMPICS- FINAL-2.jpgNow that the Games of the XXX Olympiad is over, it's interesting to note which countries rank highest in terms of success at both Cannes 2012 and the Olympics.

CB has combined the number of medals won by countries at the London Olympics with the total number of Lions won by countries at Cannes 2012.

CANNES-vs-OLYMPICS_FINAL-1.jpgAs would be expected, the USA (#1 at Cannes, #1 at Olympics) lead the combined tally, with 286 gongs, proving the yanks are the superstar nation at both advertising and Olympic prowess.

The US is followed by the UK (#2 at Cannes, #4 at Olympics) with 154 and Germany (#3 at Cannes, #5 at Olympics) with 129.

China's #2 spot at the Olympics (#22 at Cannes) ensures a #4 spot, just ahead of equal fifth placed Australia (#5 at Cannes, #7 at Olympics) and Brazil (#4 at Cannes, #16 at Olympics).

New Zealand come in at #19 (#12 at Cannes, #18 at Olympics).


The Truth said:

So let's just imagine that in the Olympics you could just enter with a form and self made video as proof of performance.
Would the judges just "take their word" for a sub 9sec 100 metre?

The Telegraph said:

Where did AUS ZEALAND rank?

Utter crap said:

No I've never wondered. What an utter load of crap. Please. Let's just combine two polar opposites.

Jimmy said:

Naughty Korea ever picked up anything @ Cannes?

History said:

Given NZ used to be a colony of NSW, I reckon we should form the alliance. Parliament house in Bondi.

Jack Russell said:

No, I've never really pondered that question. I have, however, often laid awake at night pondering what it would be like to do a Sudoko in braille.

Way too much time said:

Do you take into count where they are actually born? just look at the birth places of the GB handball team for instance:

Sarah Hargreaves - born 17/05/89 Farevejle, Denmark.
Jane Mayes - born 10/01/89, Esbjerg, Denmark.
Yvonne Leuthold - born 30/01/80 Berne, Switzerland.
Britt Goodwin - born 24/04/83, Gjovik, Norway.
Lyn Byl - born 01/12/79, Wuppertl, Germany.
Nina Heglund - born 24/07/93, Oslo, Norway.

Ewa Palies - born 30/01/89, Montpellier, France.
Marie Gerbron - born 23/12/86, Harfleur, France.

here's a list of GB's athletes countries of birth:

England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cuba, Sth Africa, Canada, Seychelles, UAE Spain, New Zealand, Jamaica, Nigeria, USA, Sudan, Australia, Bermuda, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Kenya, Malta, Poland, Nigeria, Singapore, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Ukraine, Brazil

way too much time said said:

something that also took way too much time

got an idea said:

Hi - I have an idea - why don't we create a special 'best athletes on planet' site that we run and we can always include Aussies and feel good about ourselves.

Suspicious said:

Half the Brazilian gold medals were scam.

Utter crap #2 said:

Utter crap #1, I second your motion.

What? said:

Who fucking cares? You are really all losers!

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