Community First Credit Union launches new 'Facebook Fakes' campaign via IDEAS corp

FF_IDEAScorp.jpgSydney-based creative agency IDEAS Corp have launched a new campaign for Community First Credit Union - Sydney's largest community based credit union.

To promote CFCU's Low Rate Credit Card, the campaign pokes fun at credit cards that offer a 'fake' welcome rate, then revert to ongoing rates as high as 21% p.a.
Facebookers are invited to dob in friends who hide behind 'fake' profile pictures, and place them in one of six categories such as 'The Forever Young', 'The Avatarist', or 'The Photoshopper'.
The campaign includes an event where a professional photographer is at hand to give people a chance to redeem themselves by updating their profile pic to something a little more 'authentic'.

Participants can win $5,000 as well as weekly prizes of $250.
The FB page launches on 9st August and runs for 1 month. Marketing is via Facebook ads, blogger outreach, online seeding and PR.

Says Michael O'Reilly, marketing manager, Community First Credit Union: "The credit card market is driven largely by low honeymoon rates, whereas our card instead offer a very low ongoing rate for all transactions, currently 9.5%. The Facebook Fakes campaign helps communicate this message in an entertaining, playful and interactive way."

Says Max Landrak, creative director: "Choosing a flattering photo of yourself as a profile pic is fair enough. And we all like to take a bit of creative license, but it's time to come clean. Especially if you're a credit card."

Campaign: 'Facebook Fakes'
Client: Community First Credit Union
Client Contact: Michael O'Reilly, Marketing Manager
Agency: IDEAS Corp
Creative Director: Max Landrak
Copywriter: Jane Caro, Max Landrak
Designer: Michelle Svenger, Mary Landrak
Digital Production: The Trees and the Forests

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