JWT Melbourne snares Brendon Guthrie and Tim Holmes from DDB for creative director roles

Brendon-Guthrie-and Tim-Holmes.jpgJWT Melbourne has significantly bolstered its creative firepower, appointing Brendon Guthrie and Tim Holmes as creative directors, who will leave their current positions at DDB Melbourne.

Guthrie and Holmes are best known for their work on John West, Leggo's, ANZ, Origin Energy and the highly emotive and multi-award winning "Pictures of You" TAC campaign.
Says Richard Muntz, JWT Melbourne's executive creative director: "They make a formidable creative pair, highly regarded for their ability to turn out brilliant work, time and time again. Brendon and Tim bring to JWT Melbourne conceptual muscle, flawless execution, an impressive collection of check-shirts and that all too rare commodity, experience."
Says Guthrie (above left) and Holmes (above right) : "We both believe nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished quickly or easily and it was clear from our first meeting that both Muntzy and MD Michael Godwin share that philosophy. Over the last couple of years they've brought together a group of people who place equal value on thinking and craft and that combination's really starting to flow through the agency's work."

The pair will take up their roles at JWT on September 3.


Maggs said:

Great blokes, great minds, well deserved.
Keep kicking goals boyz!

Nice said:

Small step up the road... giant leap for all involved. Well done.

Steph said:

Great stuff guys! Exciting times ahead.

Mr. Pseudonym said:

Have heard good things about these guys.
Looking forward to seeing what they do with JWT's brands.
Watch this space.

Rhys said:

Great news! So excited to have these guys on board, I've heard great things. Look forward to having a 'checked shirt off' in September!

melb_anon said:

Very exciting news for JWT - here's to creating some more award winning work!

Simone said:

Exciting times for JWT Melbourne, looking forward to working with you guys.

dan said:

Looking forward to having Brendon and Tim on board!! The final pieces to complete the JWT creative jigsaw puzzle!!

ANOM said:

Good move, Fellas. J Dubs is like a classic ride toward the end of a ground-up resto. It's time for some sweet rims.

Chappy said:

Great news.

Jack Russell said:

So, who goes to DDB from JWT?

Cognitively Dissonant said:

Is it OTT for JWT to take potential ECD's from DDB?


Spaniel Cocker said:

And who's coming from Clems?

Listen to the ultrasonic frequencies around town and you'll find out.

Curious said:

Impressive to see Jwt's internal propaganda machine in full swing.

Dav said:

Onya Brendon

Dale said:

Congrats Guys. Looks like more Cherry Tree beers!

ASS said:

Apparently Ant and Rich are going over. time to step up guys.

Bk said:

Congratulations Holmesy and Uncle Guth.

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