Ogilvy Sydney creates print and poster campaign for The Running Company tying in with Olympics

Screen shot 2012-08-09 at 3.57.34 PM.jpgOgilvy Sydney has created a print and poster campaign for The Running Company tying in with the Olympics.

The Running Company offers premium footwear, apparel and equipment to runners.



Dé Ja Vu said:

I'm sure this is an old AWARD School brief I came across last year....?

No medal here said:


See what I did.
Running type to go with the Olympics.

what said:

What are they holding?

Cognitively Dissonant said:


Yup. Luke Chard (the art director in this one) had this as part of his folio last year. He came second.

Dejavu II said:

Reminiscent of the old FedEx ads too, no?

Steve said:

Nice one.

Medals aplenty said:

@No medal here:

I see what you did - posted a bitchy comment on a blog while an enterprising young gentleman went and sold the shit out of an idea, solo.

Suck it son.

and then? said:

An idea is an Idea right? i mean if Ogilvy China can do it for ' Coke hands' which was a students idea and turn it into a Gran Prix in outdoor at Cannes this year why not here...

Oh Dear of Sydney said:

how embarrassing! Both for the agency and for the creatives - exactly what role did the writer play in this campaign considering it was done for AWARD School?

How much do you think the client paid for rehashed work? I'd be pissed off.

Ogilvy should be ashamed. Mind you, I might just drag my old award school portfolio out and flog some concepts too.

Enough said. said:


Thick as said:

Apart from really not being very good, or really being a campaign (same ad 3 times), what does it really say?
I know I might be dense, but I'm sure I'm thinking about it more than most punters will.
Is it running the width of a country (hence the cultural outfits featured in the baton exchange)?
And really, what tenuous tie in has it really got with the Olympcs?
Sorry, trying to be something it isn't. An idea.
A lot of that going around nowadays. And no matter what the art direction looks like it's not enough.

Scam Police said:


Credit where its due... said:

From memory, don't the Award Tutors write those briefs?
If so they'd be expecting a credit too, wouldn't they?

Award tutor said:

@credit where its due...
Since when did anyone get credit for writing a brief u moron.
It's hardly a challenge.

Confused said:

Don't know what all the drama is about. It's a nice simple idea that is beautifully executed. Who cares where or how it was done!

This industry said:

Is fucked...

Well done Luke.
Who gives a shit where the idea came from? It's still his idea.

Huffy said:

Nice print ads out the door. Who cares if it's an idea done for AWARD school: it got sold, it got bought, it got made.

That should be a win in anyone's book, you miserable c#nts.

nobs said:

Putting aside the creative merits of the idea. It's a campaign that he had in his book or 'bottom drawer' that he managed to get up. Happens all the time. Good on him.

People sitting in big chairs around Sydney have done far worse than this to win the awards that got them their gigs. As long as the client approved it then it's legit. If you sit around waiting for the perfect brief to come in you're going to be waiting your whole career.

O said:

Pretty much every single one of the luminary creatives we all look up to has done a scam ad or two. Who cares where it came from? After all, the Coke Hands (GP winner for Outdoor) was a student project that Ogilvy Shanghai just bought. And who hasn't recycled a bottom drawer idea?

People need to take out the twelve inch dildo out of their derrieres.

It's a nice, well executed print ad with a simple insight. And the story is simple: A young team got their hustle on to get it out. Sure beats doing a crappy Westpac or Vodaphone retail ad that wouldn't see the light of the day in your book.

You do what you need to do as a young team to get a step or two ahead. There's no shame in that.

Nice work Luke and Mietta.

Stay Fresh.

O again said:

Well said O

Me said:

Personally, the drawing doesn't do the idea justice. Shooting it would have been a better option.

Dave said:

Yep well said O. Good on Luke for selling his idea in.

Haters will hate said:

I come from the fashion industry where getting your student work sold is the holy grail.

We should take a leaf - many great careers and companies begin this way.

Good for you guys for selling something.

Don't know any of these people said:

This industry is fucked.

Let's get this straight. A young guy has had a really nice/simple idea. He's then persevered, shown some courage and got it made. What's wrong with that?

Our industry should encourage creative work no matter where it comes from - especially from young creatives.

Well done Luke, keep it up mate.
Well done Ogilvy, keep supporting young creatives.
Well done The Running Company, keep agreeing to run nice ads.

Adrian said:

I love the fact that there are a number of peoples jumping to the defence of the work and entrepreneurial spirit of Luke and Mietta (I'm assuming team Ogilvy as well as the teams friends and well wishers).

I'll get on that band wagon, we're not talking about the idea winning gold at Cannes here people, 'tis a fine accomplishment to sell in a proactive campaign and good on them if they're a young up and coming team.

I am however assuming that if another agency were to PR similar work that the current well wishers would be the first to say nay.

This industry needs to take a good look at itself and realise good creative briefs are hard to come by, we're all guilty of the same faux pas, we all aspire to the same level of creative enterprise and we all struggle to push quality creative through endless reams of client mind fucking.

Can't we all just get along?

Good luck team, hopefully the next one is a bigger, bolder, knicker wetting campaign that gets some coin behind it and everyone's a winner.

Only down under said:

Ahhhh.... Tall poppy syndrome......

Why Australia? WHY?

why is this ok? said:

glad for the young team who got this up but appalled for an agency the size of ogilvy for claiming it as a real client. please somebody explain how this is different from any other scam ad?
you'd all soon change your tune if droga or the monkeys were a part of this farce.
these kids should have just released this themselves.

Dave said:

I like the idea, but this execution is so bad I prefer his original Award scamps.

Yep said:

A very beautifully executed, simple idea. Congrats guys!

James said:

I'm going to buck the trend and say I quite like the design. Shame it didn't inspire Australia to much of a performance last year!

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