Otto forges production partnership with Jim Jenkins and David Shane of O Positive Films

snickers.jpgKeeping it in the O Family, The Otto Empire has added to their local roster by representing the talent of O Positive for Australia and NZ

American Based O Positive was formed in 2007, and is home to award winning directors Jim Jenkins and David Shane.

Having been recognized at all the big award shows globally, this alliance between the two companies brings a roster of talented directors more firmly into the Southern Hemisphere market, and formalizes a relationship forged between both company founders some 10 years ago.

For more information contact Jo de Fina via email here.
images.jpegRalph Laucella, executive producer at O Positive, is known in the industry as one of the most accomplished and well-liked EP's and has produced award winning work with Jenkins since 2000.
Jenkins is known for his skill at visual story telling and brilliant comedy. His work has been recognized at every prestigious industry awards, including Cannes Lions, D&AD's, One Show Pencils, AICP honors, and Emmy Nominations to name a few. Jenkins has been ranked in Creativity's Top 10 Award Winning Directors
Shane, one of the original writers of 'South Park' is a master of the subtle comedic moment. He is also recognized with multiple accolades including an Emmy Award for his Bud Light 'Swear Jar' spot, Cannes Lions, BTAA Arrows and One Show Pencils.
Along with Paul Gay, Kenny Herzog and Peyton Wilson, the addition of the O Positive team to the roster at OTTO in Australia is a wonderful merging of two solid production families with similar values.
otto.jpgSays Jo de Fina, The Otto Empire's founder and executive producer: "Jim, Ralph and I have known each other from when I was living in New York and have forged a solid relationship based on common views of delivering great work from a solid idea. We're thrilled to be representing such brilliant talent here in Australia and NZ."


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