Shake it Up Australia Foundation launches mini-documentary to increase awareness of Parkinson's Disease via Ogilvy Sydney

shakes.jpgA mini-documentary aimed solely to increase awareness of Parkinson's Disease was launched today by the Shake it Up Australia Foundation created by Ogilvy Sydney and has been in five months in the making.

Starting on World Parkinson's Day (April 11) Ogilvy Sydney threw Sydney cafes off-balance in an effort to highlight the fact that Parkinson's Disease effects everyone.

Ogilvy produced 1,100 wooden wedges (the kind you use to hold a door open) with a message printed clearly on each side. One side of the wedge showed the title of the campaign, "It's more than just the shakes." When flipped over, the printed copy read, "Thirty Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease every day. But thousands more are affected, from family to friends. You can help stop it at"
The wedges were placed under various tables in caf├ęs and restaurants. Cameras recorded people's reactions to their wobbly tables, spilled coffees, tipped sugar bowls and of course, their reactions to the wedge messages.

The stunt itself was designed to spark a conversation about Parkinson's Disease and address the misconceptions that PD is just 'an old people's disease', and about 'having the shakes', but more affects everyone connected to the person with PD - from family and friends to co-workers.
The recorded footage was made into a mini-documentary designed to amplify the message and ignite further discussion through media and editorial.

morethanjusttheshakes.jpgSays Clyde Campbell (left) founder, Shake It Up Australia Foundation: "Every day 30 Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. We hope the outcome of the it's More than just the Shakes Campaign will be to inspire Aussies to learn more about PD, volunteer, and that a cure can be found.
"The mini-documentary has been uploaded onto YouTube and our greatest desire would be for it to go viral. We are imploring everyone to view the footage and encourage their friends and families to support the cause too."
Executive Creative Director: Brett Howlett
Planning Director: Gerry Cyron
Group Creative Director: Michael Raso
Copywriter: Mietta Macfarlane
Art Director: Luke Chard
Account Management: Alison Howlett
Executive Producer: Rob Spencer
Producer: Gabe Hammond
Director/DP: Peter Bloomfield
Editor: Fraser Kelton 


No room for subtlety said:

Even with all that extra duration they didn't properly explain the wedge idea.

Ummm said:

So it is a campaign designed to show Parkinsons is more than just the shakes, and the way they draw attention to it is to create the shakes, reinforcing the perception problem??? FAIL

Tim said:

Nice work Ogilvy.

@Umms disappointed high school teacher said:

@Ummm The wedge clearly stops the shakes you muppet.

KiwirichK said:

Nice on guys.

KiwirichK said:


Ummm said:

@disappointed high school teacher

Did you even look at the video? The wedge "shakes things up" it doesn't make things more stable. You muppet. Unless somehow the kids randomly knew which tables needed levelling spontaneously.

Disappointed high school principal said:

Now children, play nicely! Tristan! Stop pulling Sebastian's hair!

Not anonymous said:

Brilliant campaign, great work Ogilvy.

ANDY said:

Tough one.Nice work

Shaky said:

The concept is shaky at best.

It also hardly seems like something that would truly shake people up about Parkinson.

I get it. Just a little flimsy, a little scammy.

brooklyn said:

The goal of creative stunts is to get people talking, turn heads and make a buzz! And it's a bonus when the story is so artistically told. Job well done. The film helps to ignite a conversation amongst Aussies and educate, motivate, excite people to donate efforts towards a cure. My mom has PD - it means a lot to those who live with this disease and those who love them. Thank you, Shake It Up Australia Foundation & Ogilvy Sydney. : )

942 said:

Nice work Bloomers

e said:

Lovely. Only thing is that they shouldn't have focused around the crotch (for such a long time) at the end bit.

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