Song Zu launches its own Vimeo channel

Song Zu vimeo.jpgSong Zu Music and Sound Design have launched a Vimeo channel to showcase their latest work.

This includes the spots that in the past year have won them a Gold Clio, the Music and Sound Hotshop award, a London International, an AWARD award, two Adfests, a Promax and an Australian Guild of Screen Composers award.

Also featured are the recent Toyota 86 Raw Driving and Bundaberg Red Catfish spots.

The channel can be accessed from desktops and mobile devices.



You gotta kidding me... said:

Someone, somewhere has thought that this is newsworthy...

I can't wait for them to sign up to MySpace. Or did I miss that press release?

bo jingles said:

I like that toyota 86 track...

Have my children said:

Love you guys
You can do no wrong
Make sweet sweet music to me

Val said:

Is this news?

Shotmug said:

When will you mugs get it. If you write a decent press release then people will publish it. It doesn't have to be Pulitzer prize winning, it just has to contain content. A blog like this needs content, every day, new content. Whining about how 'this isn't news' is like complaining that you don't want to eat everything in the supermarket.

Mugshot said:

Well said, Shotmug.

Song Zu, you're on Vimeo about 3 years behind everyone else, but as I love you, you're forgiven.

songzu said:

mugshot.. we love you too.. who ever you are..

jewel_mum said:

Is the Toyota adva full song? Or just an ad song? Would love to get hold of a copy??

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