Tabcorp's TAB launches fresh branding in new integrated campaign created by BWM Sydney

TAB still.jpgSydney agency BWM has created a major new campaign for Tabcorp's TAB brand.

The campaign introduces a new identity, positioning and brand line for TAB, 'How's Your Form?'

Says Glenn Lee, general manager of marketing communications: "We've embraced the opportunity to present a fresh and innovative face to the wagering marketplace for what is one of Australia's truly iconic brands."

Says Rob Belgiovane, BWM executive creative director: "It was a great opportunity to be involved in such an established brand in a top to bottom capacity from the seed of a positioning, brand identity, through to customer comms".

The advertising campaign taps into winning moments that are unique to the TAB, reminding people that only TAB offers real, tangible and sociable experiences.

Says Belgiovane: "With increasing numbers of players in the market it was time to remind Australians why betting with the TAB is a better experience than a simple trade with the online-based competition.

"We've brought the campaign to life by highlighting the different ways of celebrating a win, whether it's a swagger or a jig on the walk to collect, hugging or even kissing a random stranger - all the executions highlight some of the ways we celebrate a job well done."

Spearheaded by two TV spots the campaign is supported by print, outdoor, point of sale, social media, radio, and experiential activity.

Rob Belgiovane - Executive Creative Director
Rocky Ranallo - Creative Director
Steven Thomson - Associate Creative Director
Felicity Buckham - Writer
Maria Dagh - Art Director
Esme Fisher - Onscreen Producer
Megan Hales - Strategy
Bard Barber - Account Service
Finch - Production Company
Sean Kruck - Director


wow said:

Utter garbage. Poor cousin to the Carlton Draught Slow Motion ad don't you think?

b said:

Shockingly bad.

Am I going blind? said:

Where is it?

e said:

google TAB How's Your Form?
you'll find it.

And yes...this ad made me cringe. Bad bad bad.

ted said:

One way to make people give up gambling

Re: Carlton Draught said:

Not the same idea but unfortunately as soon as you combine slow motion, blokes and a pub environment there's no escaping the comparison.

Dirty Punt said:

What about when you lose?

Anyway, gambling advertisement masquerading as a beer commercial.

Casting said:

Guys. Whit the inevitable comparison to Carlton Draught... Why would you use the same cast?

I refer to the lead of the group commercial. This odd looking guy is the same who busts the move in slow mo, no?

Absolutely said:


maybe but... said:

demographic will love it

Jimmy said:

I enjoyed the ad. Great line. Nice choice of music. A fun ad which skirts around the social stigma of gambling....

ted said:

maybe but ...

Have you ever seen the type of people who bet at a TAB? Do you really think beautiful women see men attractive in some cute way when they win a bet?
I don't think they talk to the demographic what so ever. It's more of a wish list demographic, which lands this ad right in ad dreamland.

strange said:

funny how this was apparently submitted or rather dug up, by someone randomly and not via the agency and without the lead tv spot or the print which clearly positions the campaign. people must be real busy out there in adland...

ted talk said:

geez ted whod ever go make an ad featuring their wish list demographic?
if star city used their real demo then their ads would be full of taxi drivers in trackie pants. same with VB or any other mainstream Aussie client for that matter. pull your head in and think before making ignorant comments you goose.

ted said:

"geez ted whod ever go make an ad featuring their wish list demographic?"

What are you trying to say?

You can entertain and inspire your audience, which I think VB and Star City commercials do well. But these TAB ads miss the mark.

Old CD Guy said:

With all the strategy planning exploring possible potent messages, creative development of multiple ideas, the internal filtering and approval process by the CD and then after countless meetings, the client approval process, an agency ends up with a commercial showing that if you bet you (might) win some money? Wow. What an insight! What a breakthrough! And worst of all, completely generic to the gambling industry. This might be an OK ad if gambling had just been invented, as a way of explaining the a third-world kind of way. Memo to client and agency: If you decide to do something this banal, this generic, this unoriginal, at least make the branding unmistakable. Do I really have to explain that TAB is just one of many in the race for the punting dollar?

senile CD Guy said:

old DC guy. TAB's is the ONLY betting agency where you can actually bet and celebrate a win on premise, ie at an agency or in a Pub. all the rest are online gambling sites where people usually bet alone in little dark rooms. to me this is what that ad highlights. how then is this 'generic'? Im afraid age hasn't gifted you wisdom only bitterness...

No room for subtlety said:

You sound a bit close to the brief, 3:01. That point would not be well known in the wider community. And it's certainly not well made in the ad.

MaX said:

Whats the name of the song?

Regular TAB goer said:

As a once regular TAB goer these ads have actually turned off many of my colleagues away from TAB betting and now bet on-line with the Corporate bookies
and Betfair. Having to put up with seeing a bloke kiss another bloke 3 times an hour may get a nudge nudge wink wink in Oxford St but to the average punter you wonder what the TAB's agenda is.
Lobbed in a TAB today just to see if the atmosphere has changed. It seems that they've upped the ante. Bloke pashing still regularly shown but couple that with beer ad showing two naked men grappling with each other in a sauna.
My Father taught me well, he married my Mother.

Al said:

Encouraging people of all ages to bet.

Shaun said:

Great ad

Rick Moynihan said:

Tab just keeps on adding to the stream of shitty, male ego driven advertisments.
If I saw someone celebrate a win like these adds in my local punting zone, I would think, "What a tool"!
If I witnessed a mate do this, I would tackle him to ground and and pound his face & snap his finger so he could never swing it again. Get real TAB, we do not need this bullshit to keep us using you as our preferred punt option.
It's insulting to the everyday punter.
Rick Moynihan

Michael said:

Who is the blond girl in the new TAB commercial in victoria

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