Taylors Wines launches new 'Vanity Barcode' for repackaged Promised Land range via Sydney-based design house The Collective

CabMerlotVanityBarcode.jpgFamily-owned Taylors Wines has  launched new 'Vanity Barcodes' as part of its newly repackaged Promised Land range. The winery collaborated with United States-based company, Vanity Barcodes on the barcode element of the label and The Collective, a Sydney based design house that has been working with Taylors since 2008.

This is a modern twist for the humble old barcode which has remained relatively unchanged since its invention in the late 1940s, and means that each of the Promised Land wines now displays a unique image within the barcode.
The vanity barcode is part of a complete repackaging of the Taylors Promised Land range which sees new label designs, bottles and cartons rolling out into liquor stores nationally from August.
First released in 1997, the Promised Land range has become renowned for its award-winning quality, outstanding value and of course it's highly recognisable labelling amongst Australia's wine drinkers.
Mitchell Taylor, Taylors Wines managing director said he was looking forward to the launch of the newly repackaged Promised Land wines.
Says Taylor: "The international market for Australian wines is highly competitive. It's vital that the packaging of your wines is as good as the wine in the bottle. We wanted to give the label a more contemporary look while maintaining the iconic Promised Land seahorse. We're excited to be the first winery in the world to use Vanity Barcodes which are personalised to our wines and 100 per cent compliant with world standards."
The distinctive barcoding system allows Taylors to take the personality of the Promised Land range into the barcode which in the past had been under-utilised design space.
Taylors Wines were the first major Australian winery to bottle all its wines under screw cap from the 2004 vintage onwards, and making its Eighty Acres range the world's first 100 per cent carbon neutral wine range compliant to the international standard for lifecycle assessment ISO14044.
Taylors had recent design success winning Australia's Best Wine Bottle at the Australia's Wine Industry Design Competition 2012 in May for the Taylors Winemaker's Project GSM bottle design by The Collective.
The Promised Land range has maintained its strong market performance, with its Shiraz Cabernet and Moscato ranked in the top five, and another six wines in the top 10, of the $10-$14 price segment. This price segment is the largest by value making up 29.8 per cent of table wine sales and growing at rate of 2.2 per cent (Nielsen National Table Wine Scan Sales by Value MAT 3/06/2012).
Taylor said he was looking forward to hearing the response from the winery's valued customers.


jimmy the nose said:

sooooo 2006

disappointed said:

Why is this worthy of a press release? Surely people won't buy this wine because of the quirky new barcodes - what a crock

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