Telecom's Tommy and Boris on track to become two of NZ's most lovable brand ambassadors

Screen shot 2012-08-14 at 10.19.54 AM.jpgUPDATE: Just a week after the launch of Saatchi & Saatchi's new campaign for Telecom, Tommy and Boris are set to become two of New Zealand's most lovable brand ambassadors.

With feedback on Telecom's Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages being almost universally positive and their Facebook page swelling with an additional 4000 fans, the campaign is looking to be one of the year's favourites.

The first TVC in the series introduced the world through the eyes of the excitable eight year-old and his pet turtle. Together the pair will showcase the wonders of modern communications technology.

Antonio Navas, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand executive creative director, Antonio Navas said that the campaign was designed to remind us just how amazing the time we're living in really is.

Says Navas: "Tommy and Boris have been created to tell a story about connection, which is ultimately what telecommunications is all about."

The challenge for Saatchi & Saatchi was to remind New Zealanders about the local telecommunications provider' place in keeping Kiwis connected with each other and the world in a sector increasingly populated with internationally-owned competition.

After recently bringing its once-divergent business units and products under a single structure, Telecom needed a new integrated promotional vehicle to convey all of its offerings under one unifying thought. Tommy and Boris were Saatchi & Saatchi's solution for the iconic New Zealand brand.

The good news for Tommy and Boris fans is that the popular pair will continue to share their take on life via TV, print, digital, radio, outdoor and in-store channels for the foreseeable future.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Client: Telecom New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas
Creative Directors: Guy Roberts, Corey Chalmers
Creative Team: Matt Campbell, Simon Pound
Agency Producer: Jane Oak
Account Service: Sarah Williams, Brendon McLean, Rachael Williams
Planner: Murray Streets, Ben Fielding
Production Company: Robber's Dog
Director: Luke Shanahan
Film Producer: Mark Foster
Editor: Tim Mauger
Post production: Assembly (3D) and Blockhead
Music composition: Franklin Rd / Jonathan Bree
Audio Post: Franklin Rd / Shane Taipari


Toia said:

Man! Some great creative comes out of that little Island...
Well executed to guys,
Great work everyone.

Adam said:

Excellent work. Great insight. Love Boris.

Turtle Fan said:

Unfortunately Boris won't be with us long if the kid insists in keeping him in a tank without an island - turtles need to surface to breath and don't really swim that well.

Rob said:

that is simply beautiful. Kid actors - where the hell did he come from? Not cutesy, but wow. Almost made an old creative get all soft and cuddly. really well made. a 60 that felt like a 30. Well done Saatchi's. If it's anything like Telstra.....

madison said:

love it!

Ben B said:

awesome work. beautifully handled. So nice to see a grade that isn't murky and shit as well. And kid acting....for once I believed it - maybe because it wasn't a Kelloggs Spot for JWT.

turtle soup said:

Adam - what's the great insight here? Turtle representing technology or sometink? Not sure there is one actually.

Jesus. said:

Not totally sure what its telling me that I don't already know.
But hell.
The kid is cute and the turtle is great talent.
So whatever it is.. I'm buying.

Cringe said:

Super cringeworthy.

Duh said:

Ben, don't you mean a Kellogg's spot from JWT? If you're going to slam an ex employer, at least get it right! Sigh...

craig said:

Nice. Lovely. maybe a throwback to the 90's feel but I liked the 90's so great.

lets all go back there.

Craft points abound. lovely pace. just lovely.

Yes but... said:

What's he idea?

Harry R said:

nice one. great casting. Beautiful tone. worked for me.

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