Copywriter Christie Meehan and art director Ben Lees from Publicis Mojo Brisbane win Cutting Edge Digital's 'Make Me Appy' competition

Christie and Ben.jpgAfter much deliberation by Dave Bullard, Make Me Appy official judge and Macworld Editor-In-Chief, it was finally decided that Copywriter Christie Meehan (right) & Art Director Ben Lees (left) from Publicis Mojo in Brisbane were the winners of Cutting Edge's 'Make Me Appy' competition.

Meehan and Lees will receive $20,000 of free App development and design services by Cutting Edge Digital.

Their winning idea is an interactive game that will create fun and inspiring pieces of artwork with the input of the 'artist'. It will also feature a gallery, along with sharing and voting functionality.
Says Dave Bullard, editor-in-chief Macworld Australia, said that is was a very difficult choice, but in the end the winning App idea had broad market appeal.

Says Bullard: "I chose the winning app because I felt it was a game that would appeal to all ages. For those of us who used to watch TV in the 60's and 70's, this app brings back some fond and fun memories, and I think it will be a big hit with younger generations too. This is definitely a game the whole family can enjoy."

Over 250 entries were submitted from the creative industries, with 19 finalists, including 4 Highly Commended ideas selected for their innovative thinking.

Meehan and Lees said that they were surprised, but over the moon about winning.

Says Meehan and Lees: "It's a fantastic competition, and we're really happy for the opportunity to enter the comp. So many of us have these ideas all the time, but no way to do anything about it.

"It was a simple idea from our childhood, and a game that we still play today. We're incredibly grateful to Cutting Edge for running the comp and would like to thank the judge."

Nic Harman, marketing director Cutting Edge, confirmed that the standard was extremely high.

Says Harman: "There was so much great thinking, it really excites us how much effort people put into this competition. I'd like to say congratulations to not only the winners, but to all of those that entered. There were so many ideas that could have won. The finalists especially should be proud of their efforts."

The top entries for Make Me Appy 2012 were:
1. Christie Meehan & Ben Lees -  Publicis Mojo, Brisbane
2 Tiia Metzke -  Graphic Designer, Sydney
3. Jon Pickersgill & Sarah Chernitsov - Sapient Nitro, Brisbane
4. Anna McGregor - Graphic Designer, Sydney
5. Michele Edwards, Pulse Marketing, Sydney


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