Great Southern Land launches Sunday, 7:30pm on ABC1 directed by Jungleboys' Luke Eve

4.jpgGreat Southern Land premieres this Sunday (September 23) on ABC1 at 7:30pm EST. Directed by Jungleboys' Luke Eve and produced by Cordell Jigsaw, the four part documentary will rise high above the big red land with a bird's eye view and look at the resources Australia relies on and the network that keeps Aussies alive.

Professor Steve Simpson has "hung like a spider on a web" from a rope 80m up a Tasmanian tree, launched from the Royal National Park's towering cliffs in a hang glider and skydived above burning Queensland canefields to land in the ashes. And all with a deep fear of heights.

2.jpgThe documentary series explores how remoteness, tyranny of distance and a tenuous relationship with the natural world are fundamental to shaping the rhythm of daily life in Australia. Soaring across four episodes, this is the tale of living with flood and fire, and our complicated relationship with the natural world. It's the story of satisfying a voracious appetite for life's vital ingredients: 3.jpgfood and electricity. It's an epic telling of how we keep it all moving: humans, goods and data.


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