Merck Sharpe and Dohme Australia launches new campaign for Hepatitis C via DDB Remedy

print.jpgHard-hitting chronic hepatitis C campaign, 'Start Your Fight', launched this week in the Blacktown local government area.

The campaign that was created by DDB Remedy on behalf of Merck Sharpe and Dohme Australia, aims to encourage hepatitis C sufferers to consult their GPs for advice.

The program, which features up-close images of people who represent those who have challenged the disease and won, was developed as a result of figures that state that of the more than 220,000 chronic hepatitis C sufferers, only approximate 2% are being treated for this curable disease. The hope is that the campaign will empower stable hepatitis C sufferers to talk to their GPs.
The highly targeted activity within local areas with a high prevalence of hepatitis C, includes outdoor media, local community press, letterbox flyer, GP and pharmacy posters and a website which provides greater support. GPs and pharmacists in the area will be educated to ensure patients get the care they need when they seek medical advice.

Says Dr John Bertolini, managing director, DDB Remedy: "The 'Start Your Fight' campaign is built on the premise of providing patients with the strength to be treated. A very direct and visually compelling campaign was required to capture attention and prompt action to seek medical advice along with providing support. We have enjoyed collaborating with MSD to produce what we consider a strong campaign."

Merck Sharpe and Dohme Australia marketing director, Jane Fryer, is extremely excited about the campaign launch and ultimately increasing patient care.

Says Fryer: "This new campaign is the culmination of a period of research and testing for us to ensure we were communicating with the audience in the right way, and through the right channels. The campaign DDB Remedy has produced is sure to have real impact."

If the pilot campaign is successful, 2013 will see further areas identified to roll-out the campaign in.

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