Integration on offer as Havas rebrands Euro RSCG Worldwide network to Havas Worldwide

Picdjones 2.jpgAs part of a rebranding operation aiming to underline a simpler and more transparent corporate structure and a unified culture, Havas has renamed the Euro RSCG Worldwide network and its agencies as Havas Worldwide.

According to a statement from Havas: In a context where digital has broken down the borders between creative and media and within the different communication disciplines, technology is in the process of transforming business models in many sectors and especially in the industry. Our industry doesn't make it easy for clients who struggle daily to deal with a multitude of networks, hundreds of brands and many different cultures. They're looking for agency partners who are truly integrated and work seamlessly across media, creative and digital.

Therefore the main focus by Havas is to deliver the most integrated offer that drives greater effectiveness, consistency and value for its clients.

Says David Jones (above), Global CEO Havas and a former CEO of Euro RSCG Australia: "A decade ago, we set ourselves apart by being the first major communication holding company placing digital at the core of all our creative agencies. We're once again pioneers through the integration of creative, media and digital aiming to maximise collaboration and offer our clients a powerful combination of creative excellence, scale agility and innovation. We are the only communications group with a unibrand structure and approach which makes life easier for our clients.
"Whilst our business in Australia is changing its name from Euro RSCG Australia to Havas Worldwide Australia we have decided that we want to change more than that. To coincide with the rebranding we are launching PROJECT CHANGE - a series of activities to bring positive change to the world. Some light-hearted and some more serious, the first activity is aimed at tackling Australia's frustration with the daily commute."

Havas Worldwide Australia commissioned independent research amongst commuters from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The findings revealed that while the capital cities are among the best places to live, residents are simply miserable with their journey to work, with 97% of car drivers and 98% of people catching public transportation stating they were frustrated.  Some of the key findings reveal that 27% of car commuters have got out of their car or wound down their window to remonstrate with other drivers and 34% of train and bus commuters have felt like punching or slapping a fellow passenger whose behaviour was annoying them.

Steve Coll Anthony Gregorio-web.jpgSays Anthony Gregorio (near left, with Havas Australia ECD Steve Coll), CEO Havas Worldwide Australia: "A happy workforce can do wonders for a business. Yet we are seeing many people arriving at their job, bothered and frustrated from their daily commute - and the day hasn't even begun! So we asked ourselves - how do we change this? We sent teams from each of our offices (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) to the streets during peak hour and "sold" delicious cookies for a very special price: just a smile! We all know how a smile can turn your day around. This is just the beginning of Project Change...stay tuned."

The Havas group will now consist of two main brands: Havas Media, which includes all global media agencies, and Havas Creative, which includes the Havas Worldwide network, the Arnold Worldwide micronetwork (16 agencies in 15 countries on 5 continents) and all other communications agencies.

Havas Worldwide Australia logo.jpgAs of today all Euro RSCG agencies are renamed Havas Worldwide (316 offices in 75 countries, including the Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG Life, Euro RSCG 4D and Euro RSCG WW PR brands). The rebrand will not create any changes in leadership. Euro RSCG Sydney and Euro RSCG Melbourne will become Havas Worldwide Sydney and Havas Worldwide Melbourne respectively.  Havas Group owned PR consultancy Red Agency and internal branding agency The Face will retain their brand names but be part of the wider Havas Worldwide Australia network.

Anthony said, "This is an exciting time for our Australian agencies as we set out on our new path as Havas Worldwide. The overall momentum we are building with new business coming though the door, award-winning campaigns and the very best talent arriving into the teams has led to a no fear attitude and winning culture. Most importantly the creative and digital product being delivered is the best we have had in years."

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 4.33.55 AM.jpgCheck out the video of the Havas Australia team launching PROJECT CHANGE.


Lolling said:

Pass the kool-aid?

Ho Hum said:

Welcome to the bandwagon, Euro, just as the wheels are falling off.

Mills said:

This is the shit you get when a media agency tries to be creative.

yep said:

yep... havas has a better name as a brand than euro = makes complete sense

Time warp said:

A day late, and a dollar short...

Ben said:

? ?? What a bunch of weird comments. Personally I've always thought David Jones' lack of clothes sense was holding the group back.

Fashionista said:

Exactly, 10:22. Blue pinstripe is sooooo last week.

Nope said:

I hope that was sarcasm, 9.40am.

If you are going to name your network after a Cuban cigar bar, then why choose a logo that looks more appropriate for any of Kazakhstan's cheaper express courier companies?

the 80's said:

How could going back to how it used to be make you a pioneer?

Jules Verne said:

I always thought David Jones was well clothed. I just can't think why he uses the same photo from 5 years ago.

But I digress - isn't Havas Worldwide Melbourne not a contradiction? Like Worldwide but in a city?

Oh well, back to the spray booth for me.

Serious Strategic Insight said:

Perhaps David Jones bought his blue pinstripe suit at David Jones 5 years ago.

Oh dearest said:

Here come the Girl Scouts of advertising. Look out!

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