NAB stand-ins briefed on job duties before Grand Final in TVCs via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

fireman.jpgTwo weeks ago, NAB and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne launched NAB Stand-Ins, a campaign to highlight NAB's dedication to AFL fans.

Now, in the lead up to next weekend's AFL Grand Final, NAB has released two new TVCs featuring the first round of winners in the competition.

childrensfarm.jpgThe ads show that while fireman Mark attends the Grand Final, his NAB Stand-In will be on alert at his suburban fire station. And while Hugh is watching the action at the MCG, his NAB Stand-In will be wrestling both children and animals at the Bundoora Children's Farm.

The NAB Stand-Ins are a specially created team of twenty NAB men and women willing to fulfil footy fans' prior commitments on match day, leaving them free to go to the big game. Since the campaign's launch, the NAB Stand-Ins promotion has received thousands of entries from footy fans all around the country, currently facing the dire prospect of unavoidable Grand Final Day commitments.

Says Ant Keogh, executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "The feedback from AFL fans and the AFL themselves has been incredible. The most common question has been, 'are you doing this for real?' Yes, we are - and we're sending a dedicated team of NAB men and women to all corners of the country so more footy fans can attend the biggest game of the year."

A diverse range of winners have been announced to date, including a community radio DJ, children's entertainer, theme park attendant, amateur actor and church singer. It seems the NAB Stand-Ins have some interesting challenges ahead.
Further NAB Stand-In winners will be announced in the lead up to the big match.

The competition is open until 24th September. Applications of 50 words or less can be made at here.

ECD - Ant Keogh
Creative Directors - Rohan Lancaster, Darren Pitt, Julian Schreiber, Tom Martin
Art Director - Russel  Fox
Writer - Ben Keenan
Agency Producer - Sevda Cemo
Client Service Director - Simon Lamplough
Communications Director - Belinda Danks-Woodley
Account Manager - Kate Joiner
Senior Planner Heather Lewis
Director - The Glue Society
Production Company - Will O_Rourke
Executive Producer - Michael Ritchie
Producer - James Grandison
Editor - Tim Parrington
Post Production Offline - The Butchery
Online Operator - Eugene Richards
Post Production Online  - The Refinery
Sound - Flagstaff Studios
Sound Engineer - Paul Le Couteur
Music - Level Two Music / Flagstaff Studios


Eye On The Bottom Line said:

Lots of dollars going on CDs.

@ bottom line said:

who would have thought?

client ponies up the money to have good senior people work on their account, and the work is good as a result.

Both eyes on the bottom line. said:

Too much ponying for mine. Five cd's seems a bit much, no?

master of none said:

ha.. awesome! love em'. but then again, someone i know was involved in it. but whatever.. awesome. the idea always wins. good work.

CFO said:

You get what you pay for and this is sweet. Nice work Clems and NAB

Been done better before said:

The best use of the 'stand in' creative idea is still Stand in Dad for ikea. Done a few years ago. Much funnier and it was original at the time.

Unreal ad!

@master of none said:

You know someone who worked on it?

Good for you, you must be proud.

Ed said:

Quite nice, but it really reminded me of Stand in Dad for Ikea.

Haiku T said:

Funny bank campaign
Haters say been done before
NAB share price plummets?

GP said:

While I hate being reminded of Collingwood not making it this time into the Grand Final, I like this a lot.

Uncle Sam said:

Good idea but thanks for ripping the NFL monday night football music.

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