Sheridan urges punters to 'trust your skin' in new print and experiental campaign via Banjo, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-09-17 at 3.46.28 PM.jpgSheridan, via Banjo, Sydney, has launched a new print campaign urging customers to 'trust your skin' when selecting bed sheets.

The campaign of six images is being run in print and billboard, while interactive Trust Your Skin 'feel stations' have been installed in stores, allowing shoppers to touch and compare before buying.



B. Oring said:

That video nearly put me to sleep - is that the idea?

Ben Dover said:

Gay porn.

Beckwith said:

That's me lol

blah said:

Fifty Shades of Shit

Man said:

Trust your skin is good thought.

Tropic thunder said:

Looks like they need treatment for malaria - now that's a real sensory experience you'll never forget

Post Guy said:

Why is the poster so different to the video?

White balance on location & a simple grade could have sorted that! Hell post houses are screaming for the work.

Could have been better said:


Yep. See what I did there?

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