Shine Lawyers team with Erin Brockovich in new 'Right Wrong' campaign via Brainheart, Brisbane

Screen shot 2012-09-16 at 4.04.29 PM.jpgNational firm Shine Lawyers has undergone a brand evolution and will this week launch a new TV, radio, print and online campaign - inspiring people to right wrong.

The ad campaign, via Rem Bruijn's agency  Brainheart, Brisbane,   focuses on one man's courage and determination and incorporates well-known friend of the brand Erin Brockovich who says: "The greatest act of courage is, in the face of all adversity, to do what is right".

The spot features an original song by Australian artist Mark McDuff titled, "I won't give in".

Shine Lawyers managing director Simon Morrison said the evolution of the brand was about recognizing the strength clients have in pursuing a case and making them the hero of the brand story: "A lot of law firms are focusing on the services they provide and what they do, rather than the courage it takes the individual to come forward and make something right," he said.

"By righting wrong in their own lives, our clients are taking an important step toward safeguarding the rights of everyone."

The TVC will begin airing from tomorrow.


Reality check said:

Mawkish, emotional blackmail, very last century.

Nat said:

appears as a parody. Laughable.

"I won't give in"? - was waiting for a pratfall at the end...

looks like... said:

Everything else Rem does.

Ashley said:

I like it. Yes, it's advertising, but it's a site better than the "No win, no fee" done and dusted campaign. Well made.

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