Skins urges punters "Don't be them" in new series of print ads via JayGrey, Sydney

SKINS-2.jpgSkins has launched a new series of print ads via JayGrey, Sydney.

Leveraging on the latest technology, Skins produces a wide range of premium sportswear that improves athletic performance.
Skins recently approached JayGrey to undertake a tactical print campaign, targeting active males. The task was to challenge men to train harder, achieve results and feel good during and after periods of exercising and competitions.
JayGrey's 'Don't be them' campaign pokes fun at the creaky, lazy and 'tangerine-coloured juice monkeys' who do not take their trainings seriously, or take short cuts to reach their goals.


Says Erin Chapman, marketing manager of SKINS: "The team at JayGrey presented a number of concepts that really challenged our existing approach on how we speak to our consumers. We were looking for a strong creative idea that captures the driven attitude behind SKINS and we feel that the work represents this perfectly."
The print work is running across titles such as Inside Sport, Men's Health and Men's Fitness. Skins is also looking to use the concepts in stadiums as well as sponsored sporting events.

Advertising Agency: JayGrey, Sydney
Creative Director: Jay Furby
Planner: Amy Cadwallader
Copywriter: Jay Furby
Art Director: Dave Heytman
Studio: John Collins
Agency Producer: Gary Galacho
Account Supervisor: Adrian Lugg
Advertiser Supervisor: Erin Chapman
Photographer: Sean Izzard
Producer: Cameron Gray
Retouching: Steve York @ Cream


Fair shake of the sauce bottle said:

Is this written for English or Aus markets? The language is way off if for local.

A D Denizen said:

Hmmmm, not sure. Three word slogan for sports attire ... a bit creaky ...

Albert said:

i like 'em. And I'm a fat cunt. So that makes them petty good I reckon.

Albert said:

i like 'em. And I'm a fat c***. So that makes them petty good I reckon.

A D Denizen said:

@ Fat Albert

Fair enough beefy cheeks, perhaps your advertising sense is also mired in bill cosby's era?

OK, sorry ... unnecessary villification of the chunkily challenged ...

Booty Call said:

I just wish he'd joined Lowe instead.

ANDY said:

Seen one you've seen them all.

mr o and m said:

These are actually good. And i don't understand the negative argument for language mr fairshake....i mean isn't our country multi cultural...and people who buy this product can afford it which means they prob understand english. Interesting press...different...i loike em.

mr o and m said:

Well ANDY look in any Cannes book and you'll see that many times over...hilarious. I saw these in press and wondered who did them. I noticed them in situ which is quite a rewarding feeling nowadays...almost all press is crap and i did award school hoping to do good press...wish i got a brief to do a press ad rather than some flaming banner ad. i think its good to see an ad well done and i really like the Art Direction. Hand clap.

more from the jay grey freak show said:

Is this just another extension of jaygreys one campaign where only the product changes and not the idea...lets find some freaks and make fun of them?

Bruce Flaming Banner said:

Very reminiscent, in copy / art / type / tone & manner terms, to US Nike stuff round 'bout 1998-2002ish. But I like any attempt to do print well, so Hulk no smash, Hulk tilt head to one side and frown slightly. Gr.

@6:02 said:

Yes, because when that's all you've got, you run with it.

Self-loathing can be a powerful creative tool . . . especially if you're a creative tool.

Frank said:

Nice work. I don't agree with the comment that the language is way off for Australians..

Fantastic stuff guys...


Beyond words said:

6.02 you are really odd. I took a look online and their work is all different. There is no one campaign. You make no sense. You have one argument. Go troll somewhere else. I like these ads coz they are different. Done deal for me.Job done.

Don't listen to these ads. These lying, down right disgusting ads. They make me sick. In the words of my drinking buddy Shakespeare  "Nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar and the son and heir of a mongrel bitch." these are.

Roids is your friend. Mmmmmm Roids, yes ... It's good. Under the big toe nail. Yes, very good.

Personal feelings aside. No wait! They started it! It should be personal, they came into my life. They came into my magazine, into my shop, into my sphere. They come branding stinging words and bold sayings. Where's my gun! Bring me my semi women! And my slippers!

I guess this all depends on which side of the fence you lie. Am I one of these people they say I shouldn't be? Should I cower away, hide from who I am.  Or is this a calling, a calling to become something better than I am? Is this my calling? Is this skins thing going to change who I am? How much is it? I need one, I want one. Wait.. What is it?

I remember a time when all you needed to workout was a stick, couple of rocks,  snorkel and a six pack(not the muscle kind).  When men ate dirt not nutrient shakes with a boost of creatine. What's happened to us? What's happened to you guys? What's happened to the one handed push up whilst holding a beer in the other hand. Yes, yes this how I work out. After my 50 cock push ups. Yes you heard me. The no handed cock push up. They exist!

Don't be that guy!
Don't be Mr hair gel
Don't be Mr 5 min warm up, 3 sets of girl curls, how's my hair looking, I need to get dressed in my gym gear. Yes I have a wardrobe for when I work out. Yes that's how seriously I take it.  You see this, yes that's what you called semi ripped. And after a few more shakes and curls - with the help of my gym buddy Eduardo - that's what you will called  ripped!  

Do I hate this ad -no
Do I hate the people who would buy this product - Yes
Does this ad work - yes
Do you need to say "don't do this" and then go on to say "do do this" - no
Do I like the art direction - kinda
Do you have to show what you say - kinda not
Should I stop writing - yes
Should you stop reading this - yes

P.S don't wear this is product in prison when working out.

iles said:

Love it.

6.02@beyond words said:

have another look ...ambi pur , alibi, vodka, softly, even pines seem to be a theme...seems to be find me a freak or a weirdo theme amongst a couple of (yes ) good ads

Margaret's Dealer said:

if they don't stick to their doses, I'm not responsible. Either for her, or for Mr Bernbach. Sorry.

beyond words said:


you are nuts.

what is your vendetta and why?

come on fess up.

advertising...major part=get noticed.

you...major part=therapy.

as for bernbachonroid's post...well i am beyond words about that.


ANDY F said:

I like em.

A lot.

The Independent said:

Don't read.

nicer said:

I'd rather be a fat bastard than the ad guy that came up with these!
Don't be them!

The Write Stuff said:

Can CB please give BernbachonRoids his own column. Finally, someone who can write.

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