Sydney boutique agency Jim Jam wins Tourism Tasmania account against 38 other agencies

017.jpgTourism Tasmania has appointed Sydney boutique agency Jim Jam to handle creative after competing for the 3-year account against 38 agencies.

This is a huge win for Jim Jam who will take over from incumbent agency Whybin\TBWA Melbourne.

Says Scott Bacon, Tourism Tasmania minister: "In an increasingly competitive environment, we were looking for a creative agency that can develop campaigns that would distinguish Tasmania from other mainland states and territories.

"The company's main focus over the coming months will be to incorporate Tasmania's new destination brand work into an advertising style that can be used in a consistent way to promote Tasmanian tourism."

Jim Jam's managing director, Stephen Giderson said they were absolutely delighted to have been awarded the contract to service Tourism Tasmania.

Says Giderson: "We strongly believe Tasmania is one of the most unique and wonderful destinations in Australia, and we look forward to helping Tourism Tasmania to share its story and give people reasons to holiday on the island."

Bacon said Jim Jam's creative talents and their ability to collaborate with clients and media agencies saw them secure the highest rating in the tender process.

Says Bacon: "They provided the greatest insights into Tasmania's potential tourism customers and applied these insights to their creative work.

"They also demonstrated the strongest and most considered insight into the challenges and opportunities of bringing people to Tasmania.

"By securing the services of Jim Jam for our creative advertising, Tourism Tasmania will be drawing on their knowledge and talents to help build a strong and sustainable local tourism industry and create jobs for Tasmanians."

Jim Jam's clients include Australian National Maritime Museum, Macquarie Bank and Travel Concierge Sydney Airport.

Tourism Tasmania's previous advertising contract expired on 1 July, and the appointment of Jim Jam concludes a highly-competitive and exhaustive two-stage tender process that began in March 2012.


I've worked for years in advertising - said:

and i can safely say this about Jim Jam: who?

Lawrence said:

38 agencies? Really? So, for an 'exhaustive two-stage tender process' lasting 5 months, you have a 1 in 38 chance of winning? Fuck me. More fool the agencies for accepting those terms.

London Boozer said:

Good one Charlie. Beers at The London?

Old creative said:

Well done, Charlie, Andy, Tony and Amanda.

Jason said:

Congratulations guys!

This was in the local paper said:

and it's enough to make you vomit. Here's the campaign:

I saw this in The Mercury said:

and it's the worst use of Photoshop ever. Not to mention the campaign.

Here it is:

Get Real said:

Why would tourism Tasmania get 38 agencies involved in a pitch for the account?
They obviously have not done their homework on agencies. I would suggest you get a pitch facilitator in future and stop wasting peoples time. It's totally irresponsible and foolish.
As for the all the agencies who took part in this, you only have yourselves to blame.
You should have asked who were you pitching against.

I hope they paid a fee to all the agencies that took part!

Absolute disgrace Tourism Tasmania.

You used to be run well as an organisation.

Nic said:

What a pack of fucking pricks for allowing 38 agencies to pitch.

No doubt they'll appoint Jim Jam and cherry pick ideas submitted by the other 37 agencies during the pitch.

We'd all like a tourism account, but whoring yourself for a 1-in-38 chance of winning business, is a terrible and demoralising waste of resources.


38? said:

Brilliant strategy from Tourism Tasmania. With at least 3 people coming down to present from each agency - they've doubled their tourism quota before even advertising!

Velvet said:

Congratulations and champagne all round!

Mick Hunter said:

Well done guys.

Hilly said:

Well done crocks legend!

Alex Bartel said:

Good stuff dudes!

unprofessional said:

How pathetic and power-hungry must you be to make 38 different agencies pitch to you, not once but twice? Idiots. What a pleasure they'll be to work with.

afterglow said:

'Idea' ripped off from here:

Euro Shorts said:

Good stuff chaps...!

Gav said:

You have to admire anyone who has the balls to start their own shop. Huge congrats boys the celebratory beers must taste very sweet.

Crap said:

That campaign is bigger than a load of me!

Garry Horner said:

Well done guys, all that hard work has paid off!

Mike said:

Great talent always wins in the end. Well done boys. Now go forth and conquer!

Dear afterglow, said:

What's your point? You are showing us photographer's work that 'ripped off' Mills & Boon. When you get some more experience, have another go on the blog.
And well done Charlie & co on the win. Sweet!

AMVI said:

Well done boys!

Johno said:

Good stuff boys and quite like the work

Not quite a 38-way pitch said:

It's a government process that was advertised on the Tas Tenders site. Potentially it was 38 agencies who went to the trouble - unsolicited - to present a version of their creds, from there they chucked a few out of the process (like my agency :)) and went on to the next stage of the pitch with significantly fewer candidates I'm sure. Our feedback was that they were overwhelmed by the amount of entries. So it wasn't something they were intending to do and Jim Jam still won out over 38 agencies.

jason burrows said:

That's brilliant guys!! Congratulations!

George said:

What a load of absolute irrelevant crap.
Why does this agency not get it right with Tasmania and what it has uniquely to offer?
Because they do not know and they do not give shit!

Richard said:

Nice insight, the feeling you get after a holiday is like the afterglow.
Simple, better than the same old boring tourism crap.

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