Tickets available for MADC Awards Night - to be held 6pm Thursday, Oct 4th at St Kilda Town Hall

MADC2012_edm[3].jpgIt's time to celebrate Melbourne's top dogs at the 2012 MADC Awards Night. The formal ceremony will be held at the St Kilda Town Hall before guests are unleashed at the after party at The Greyhound Hotel.

Date: Thursday, October 4th

Time: 6pm drinks on arrival, 6:30pm sharp start

Venues: Ceremony: St Kilda Town Hall, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda

After Party: The Greyhound Hotel, 1 Brighton Rd, St Kilda,

Tickets: $245 for members/$265 for non-members



Waiting for Saturday... said:

I just have to win the Lotto on saturday then I'll be able to afford a ticket.

the agony said:

Are they going to make everyone sit down in rows of folding seats for 3 hours without a drink, and force us all to watch every single fucking winner take a slow walk up on stage, before we get a chance to enjoy ourselves, like last year?

This is what they should do:

We all sit at tables and eat and drink and talk and have fun. No-one tells us to shut up, and we're allowed to drink. The winners in each category are projected onto a big screen, and any Golds are called out by the MC. Silver and Bronze get to see their names next to their work, but that is all. All awards are ferried to tables by attractive men/women (like hot wine waiters in a Vegas restaurant). No short walks. Fuck that shit.

No-one has to sit like they're at school assembly. Everyone gets their award. Gold gets it's due recognition. And the whole thing's done in half the time.

Do it.

Will there be pokies? said:

$245 - $265 is a lot of cash for a piss-up in a pub.

Strange events in melbourne said:

Can we also sing the national anthem?

I know Australia isn't competing, but that doesn't seem to stop the AFL when two suburban clubs are in the game to play the national anthem.

Sorry to Spoil the Party said:

Presumably for that sort of money everyone gets to enjoy the Greyhound's famous gay sauna and toilet trading at no further cost.

Pattern recognition system. said:

The agony has put forward the best idea i have seen on this blog in ages.

Last year's format was terrible.

eh? said:

$265 - are you kidding?

Ha! said:

The MADC awards night is a waste of money at any price.

Better to put the money towards your Cannes and D&AD entries.

As for the awards, well, nice if you if you're into that home town recognition crap.

Big fish in Melbourne...lovely!

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