VCCP opens up shop in Australia - lures Dean Hunt from BMF as founding creative director

DEAN HUNT.JPGUK based Chime Communications has launched its creative agency brand VCCP in Australia, recruiting BMF Sydney senior writer Dean Hunt as the agency's founding creative director.

Before joining BMF in August 2009 Hunt was at Publicis Mojo, Sydney, and before that, at The Campaign Palace.

Sydney-based VCCP will be headed by managing director Peter Grenfell, the former chief innovation officer at MEC. Before arriving in Australia early last year he was head of digital at VCCP London.

The agency will be working to launch a major brand into the Australian marketplace.

The agency is one of the most awarded in the UK. They are the currently the UK's Agency of the Year, thanks to ongoing success with brands such as O2, Comparethemarket, Easyjet and McDonald's.
The agency launches into market with their 'Shine Brighter' philosophy at the heart of the VCCP approach; helping brands and their budgets work harder and standout through a combination of outstanding creative and integrated thinking. Plus a desire to create ideas that 'populate popular culture' - work that infiltrates beyond the paid for media and becomes something we talk about, share and strive to get involved with.

Other staffers include Elizabeth Barnett, who started her career at Clemenger BBDO, working across Vodafone, Astra Zeneca and Allianz. She moved to London in 2009 and joined VCCP to work across O2 brand and direct response. She's moved back to Sydney as an account director.

And Steph Hapke, also ex Clemenger BBDO, before moving into event and project management.

As it does in the UK, the Australian operation will offer clients both 'full service' advertising campaigns as well as 'quick to market' content and production. This will not be grouped into separate agency brands - but rather a flexible approach based around the client and business requirements.

Says Grenfell: "We can't wait to get started with the new agency and are keen to demonstrate that the VCCP approach and way of doing things can resonate in Australia too. We know it's not going to be easy, there are a lot of good agencies here, but we think our pragmatic approach to launching and re-launching brands will be refreshingly simple for clients and consumers alike."

Adds Hunt: "VCCP Australia represents a wonderful chance for us to make brands shine, here in the sunshine. The VCCP understanding of advertising beyond advertising - along with it's sense of fun and magic is something I'm truly excited to be involved with. We're chomping at the bit to create campaigns that people talk about, share and experience in interesting ways. Exciting times."

The agency will be looking to grow the team through hirings from the local market, as well as setting up a 'talent exchange' between the many Australians at VCCP in London and those who work locally.


Yanni said:

Let me be the first to congratulate you - - - nice pic mate.

Ian said:

'That's when Dean looked ok' -Jasmin

Stu V said:

Good one, Hunty. Congratulations and that

Hawko said:

Nice one Deano, congrats mate.

Carbones said:


MB said:

Well done, Deano! Best of luck, mate.

Teena said:

Loss for bmf but great for dean... Can't wait to c what they do with hunt there

Philbert said:

Congrats Deano!

Ellie: said:

Best guy in the business. Well done Deano, you're amaaaaaazing x

London Calling said:

The dinosaurs have every reason to be afraid.

London Calling said:

This is the beginning of the end for the current Australian agency model. VCCP do things differently and clients love it. Dinosaurs, be afraid.

Neil said:

Nice one Deano. Now that Bristolian humour can really let rip. Congrats.

Nick G said:

Congrats Dean, wonderful news and thrilled for you buddy.

You are a talented bastard and will do very well there.


Pilko said:

Nice one Hunty - they've definitely got the right man for the job. Beer soon.

Redgreg said:

Well done Mr Hunt. You are a gentleman, a scholar and delightful scally wag.

Anonymous Coward said:

Its your time now Hunty. Congrats and be all you can be.

oley, j said:

Exceptional industry news of the week. Best of luck Dean.

hg said:

Great news mate, congrats.

Dan said:

Fantastic news mate, congratulations. Can't wait to see the work.

TimC said:

Well done & congrats, Dean.

Sean said:

Nice one Deany boy!!!!

Holty said:

Nice one Dean.

It's good to be three!

Roy said:

Congrats mate. Time for a new jacket, eh.

C Mc said:

Well done Mate.
Now you're a man.
Hat's off to you.

Ziggy said:

Great move - BMF is a dead horse.

Dan said:

All the best kimosabe.

Maglia1853 said:

Grown up mavericks.

Ride like the wind dear boy - congratulations.

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