Arnott's Shapes launches new campaign + spot for its Sizzling Summer range via DDB Sydney

tongue[1].jpgArnott's Shapes launched a campaign this week to introduce its new Shapes Sizzling Summer range via DDB Sydney.
The spot celebrates the love Australians have for licking the flavour off their Shapes biscuits, and sees four Aussie guys taking this to an unusual extreme in a suburban backyard. 

overhead_shot[1].jpgScott Huebscher, creative director, DDB Sydney, enjoyed delivering a campaign which stayed true to the brand's core values.
Says Huebscher: "Shapes is such a fun, iconic brand. From the very start of the project, Arnott's and DDB both agreed that the campaign needed to reflect the fun that is synonymous with Shapes. The result delivers on this in a different and completely unexpected way."

Sheri Juchau, group marketing manager, Arnott's Shapes is thrilled to be launching the Sizzling Summer range with the help of DDB Sydney.
Says Juchau: "We're excited to be launching this new campaign. It's based on a genuine consumer insight and allows us to celebrate one of Australia's favourite biscuits in a true 'Summer' way.
"This campaign is also testament to the Arnott's relationship with DDB Sydney. The agency continues to deliver great work for us."
The TV campaign launched nationally on Sunday and will be supported by social media, radio and in-store promotion.

Brand Director: Rebecca Carson
Group Marketing Manager: Sheri Juchau
Consumer Insights Manager: Carina Georgoulas

DDB Sydney
ECD: Dylan Harrison
Creative Director: Scott Huebscher
Copywriter: Scott Huebscher
Art Director: Stephen Joss
Copywriter: Jon Austin
Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation: Leif Stromnes
Managing Partner: Kate Sheppard
Business Director: Claire Birrell
Planning Director: Michelle Martignoni and David Chriswick
Agency Producer: Claire Seffrin

Wayne Bishop - Business Director
Jeremy Pope - Planner Buyer
Andrew Drinkell - Media Buyer


Confused said:

What is the genuine consumer insight? Some teens like to experiment with their sexuality?

Um said:

A genuine consumer insight for a snack biscuit?
Come on, please.

I actually like this ad. My partner sitting across the desk didn't. But that's different strokes for you.

At least they are trying some interesting stuff and it's not like anything else on tv.

JA said:

Production Credits?

From the past said:

I've put my time in on the arnotts account... And I really want to know how this was sold through. I don't know if I should be jealous or bitter or both. It's a genuinely funny spot. Congrats.

Jack said:

Seen this a couple of times and absolutely hate it. A clash of two three mediocre ideas that try too hard and fail.

shapeless said:

this is trying waaaaaaaay too hard guys and the product gets lost in the mix. pun intended

eek said:

So try hard.
So crap.

delilah said:

Loved it. Genuinely made me laugh out loud as opposed to LOL.

4dakidz said:

this is awesome!

spot on!

meh said:

Well for a start it's very different and brave which is good. I like skittles-weird record player tasting set-up. I don't like the Flight of the Conchords style rap. It could have been funny, but it's kind of irrelevant to the rest of the set-up. So overall it's....I'm not sure, but I don't hate it.

average said:

product gets very very lost. might have a small chance selling some short shorts. you tried way to hard and failed

meh said:

flight of the conchords meets skittles but done badly, very badly.

Ha said:

Actually made me laugh. At lease it cut through the wallpaper of boring ads at the moment. (Billboard snooze fest). Product gets lost,, consumer insight.... ahh maybe, but good execution and good entertainment!

Meh x 2 said:

Ditto to what meh #1 said.
I love the record-licking biscuit man but not the singalong.
Didn't need it.

Lick this... said:

A song about tight shorts, oooh, how outre.

John said:

Love the way DDBers are coming out trying to up this turd.

Don't over think it.. said:

Can't get the tune out of my head and want a pack of Shapes. Job done.

Kylie said:

@ Don't over think it
By that logic you probably shop at Coles and the Good Guys then.

A D Denizen said:

The advert caught my attention and made me curious about the product. It's beautiful soft sell. Yes, on the surface it appears to be a huge non-sequiter but it's ultimately compelling and in the end, I had a sense of the product and the taste of summer. Obviously, there's a stack of subliminal stuff happening in relation to branding and colours and flavour - I couldn't help but think of bbq shapes while watching the guy lick the roundtable. I think it's an absolute winner. Congrats.

Brave is good, but this is just cringeworthy said:

What sort of client would approve this? One that's here for a good time, not a long time.

lick my DDBalls said:

ddb ers always come out and back up their crap. painfully obvious when they read back the Desired Consumer Responses from the brief like this AD Denizen clown

Meh x 2 Wins said:

"I love the record-licking biscuit man but not the singalong. Didn't need it."

Yeah. This is a clash of two ideas propped loosely up against each other (I'm not going to say "glued together", because they aren't.)

By far the better, more memorable, and, done right (which it wasn't, because it was never used to its full potential) more entertaining thought is Turntable Boy. The whole :45 should have been mainly on that idea. What music does his tongue release from all those Arnott's Shapes? Great opportunity to do some quirky, imaginative kick-arse music & sound design and really go to town with that.

Instead, for some reason, centre stage gets hijacked by the 3 nerds and some really insipid writing. Why? If you're going to do this route (white nerds rapping), make it funny at least.

So as Meh Squared says, you don't need the singalong at all. And for saying that, he/she wins a big pile of slightly damp Arnott's (in otherwise excellent condition though.)

Poop said:

Consumer Insights Manager: 6 months and 500k later, we discovered, that some people like to lick our shapes while wearing sexually confused short-shorts.

Now go make me a giant record player.

we have a new winner said:

the coles ad used to be the most cringeworthy spot on telly

earplugs said:

two ideas that lave been licked and crudely stuck together. I haven't reached for the remote so quickly since down, down the prices are down.

A D Denizen said:

lick my DDBalls? Is that it? Really?

Tony Hoad said:

True story. One school holiday I worked in the factory that made BBQ shapes. My job was to mix the stuff up that went on top, using a shovel and one of those old style concrete mixers with a handle. (Yes, this was a very long time ago.) Anyway, here's the secret: the green specks were just dried up lettuce. No flavour at all! The red stuff did all the heavy lifting.

Chez from Geraldton WA said:

Absolutely loved this latest commercial, we sing the song around the home and crack up laughing when it plays on tv. Very clever way to promote your biscuits.
Chez & Laura

bert malben said:

i like it. the guy with the inappropriate short shorts is HOT!

snack terminator said:

The turntable is spinning the wrong way. The record should pull away from the tone arm, not push towards it.
Little things make the difference...

Career Guy said: said:

Hate to say it - but my 11 year old loves it.....enough said it works - well done.

Anne in Balmain said:

I'm a mum in Balmain and was looking on Google for this ad. My son (13) and I LOVE this ad and it's one of the only things on the telly we both share a laugh with together, so i wanted to send him a link to it. I was looking at the comments on this blog and was really surprised to see how negative everyone is. It's the only ad on right now that makes my whole family smile!

ShortShorts said:

I love this add !
I find it funny & catchy.
Job well done :)

Anne said:

I absoloutly love this ad! I genuinely think it is one of the most brilliant australian ads i've seen in a long time, it reflects a 70s Aussie summer and thats what it's all about. So no need for haters- it's supposed to be weird and fun- it makes me want to buy shapes... and short shorts :P Loved both sing along, with the strong aussie accent, and the record player idea. Congratualtions on this awesome ad!

Mohrlock said:

I was on the hunt for a full song - sadly all that can be found is the 45 second ad. Love the tune, as does my fiancé! Beats the hell out of that f***ing annoying Coles ad!

Loved it said:

Dont take this ad too seriously guys. Its catchy and fun. I liked it, and the song is stuck in my head making me think of shapes often.

Margharita said:

Down, down, prices are down!

Advertorial said:

So people in the industry seem to hate it while the general public like it? As they say, the customer is always right. It's a fun ad and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who'd seen the ad who couldn't then name the product being advertised (unlike some other quirky campaigns). A job well done!

Need to comment said:

Bloody great ad and frickn awesome song, finally an ad that doesn't miss the product or the geographic. I hope this becomes an infomercial so the song lasts 30min.

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