Droga5 New Zealand rebrands as The Collective

The Collective Logo-2.jpgNew Zealand creative, Mike O'Sullivan has announced a rebranding of Droga5 New Zealand to become The Collective.

The Collective will comprise existing Droga5 staff and will work with other proven and experienced people in the industry on a contract basis. Former Droga5 digital partner, Jose Alomajan, is part of the new venture and will also provide digital consultancy for other agencies and clients.
Recently serving as principal of Droga5 NZ, O'Sullivan said much of the NZ market was project based.

MIKE-OSULLIVAN-GOOD.jpgSays O'Sullivan (left): "Our model will reflect that. There are many experienced, talented people out there who want to work this way. The Collective can be about working with one person or many. It all depends on the task. The Collective will partner with clients like Qantas, AA Travel, Phoenix and Telecom. We will work with agencies as well."

While operating with a local focus, The Collective will have an affiliation with World Wide Mind in Los Angeles.

Says O'Sullivan: "Ben Nott's company World Wide Mind performs with this vision and structure. The Collective will also partner on a selective basis with Droga5 Sydney."

Says David Droga: "Using The Collective in Auckland will allow us to provide the maximum amount of client satisfaction to Qantas."

Says O'Sullivan: "I've always wanted to try this model. A lot of the people we'll be working with have great records at other agencies. This is our chance to try something bold and new. It might even be fun."


C said:

The big question is 'why?'

Did Droga pull the plug on it?

cc said:

Of course Droga pulled the plug.
The big question is why didn't he pull the plug on it earlier?

Cut the crap said:

Just say it didn't work out.

Snoops said:

You guys are rocking X factor.

Translation? said:

'Using the Collective in Auckland ...'

So you no longer have a financial interest in them but may give them some projects? That is more than a re-brand surely?

meh said:

It's hard doing real work on real clients, innit.

Jay said:

"MIGHT even be fun." Not likely.

Beyonce Knowles said:

Hope you guys win X-Factor... you deserve it... wait! what?

Man I love you guys on the X Factor! said:

The Collective rock man!!! You guys are the best group ever!!!

shame... said:

shame the name isn't more original



Please, please tell that website is not new... in FLASH!?!?! said:

Dudes, if you're reading this and just paid a fortune for a new *Flash* website, ummm... no one builds flash websites anymore : ( it'a ALL flash...

Number 1 rule for building a new website:

Build it in HTML and make it responsive so it works on all devices.

Who the... said:

@Please, please tell that website is not new... in FLASH!?!?!

Valuable feedback and I am sure Jose really appreciates the inside scoop on how to do digital... but I think you're looking at that Australian companies site?

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