SPC launches interactive 4D shopping centre game for its Fruit Jelly product via Ogilvy Action

SPC.jpgSPC has launched a '4D interactive Fruity Jelly life size game' that is set to reinvigorate the brand over the September, 2012 school holidays via Ogilvy Action.

Targeted at children, the activation was launched at Southland Westfield in Victoria where children were challenged to jump over fruit pieces to fill up their SPC Fruity Jelly pouch and earn their free sample of the real life product.

Says Nicki Anderson, marketing director SPC Ardmona: "The aim of the campaign was to allow children to have some fun and interact with SPC and SPC Fruity Jelly and get rewarded for being active. Kids jumped, ducked and weaved around the fruit as it shot out of the tree and into the pouch. They could even play with multiple players at once making it even more challenging and interactive."

The SPC Fruity Jelly Jump will visit two Westfield shopping centres over school holidays; each for a period of five days, keeping children entertained and giving parents a small break whilst becoming familiar with the product. Approximately 8,000 people will participate in this campaign. After a successful launch in Victoria the SPC Fruity Jelly campaign is now on its way to Chatswood, New South Wales to give Sydney mothers a much needed rest and kids some Fruity Jelly fun

Says Anderson: "This activity promotes active participation and gives kids and mums a taste of a wide range of SPC snacking products. We also wanted to bring fun and excitement to the brand and reward children for their support."

The SPC Fruity Jelly interactive game will be open between 10am and 4pm at Westfield, Chatswood between October 1 and 5. New SPC Fruity Jelly is available now. SPC Fruity Jelly is a soft jelly made with 5% fruit juice and 5% fruit puree, is 99 per cent fat free and contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Available in four tasty flavours in a resealable mess-free pouch, SPC Fruity Jelly is an on the go snack that kids will love to have some fun with.


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