The Pool Collective launches new quarterly interactive publication for iPad - pop-up show + secret location to be announced here Oct 11

POOL COLLECTIVE - Image01.jpgThe Pool Collective has launched its new quarterly interactive publication designed exclusively for iPad. It showcases exquisite still and video work by the collective's artists, together with guest contributors from Australia and across the world.
The first issue incorporates diverse projects including a portrait series by Christopher Ireland of recently signed young Australian models and a 48-hour trip through the wonderful world of porn star Ron Jeremy. It also demonstrates the collective's commitment to supporting the next generation of Australian photographers, featuring the work of Brodie Standen, winner of last year's $10,000 Pool grant.

POOL COLLECTIVE -  Christopher Ireland .jpgTo celebrate the launch of their app, a temporary gallery space will pop-up on the streets of Sydney this Thursday, October 11. Pool Collective will install a museum style exhibition on the outside of a CBD building, with security and still cameras to capture the response of commuters. Via social media they will encourage creative discussion about art and life and reward POOL COLLECTIVE - Sean Izzard.jpgcontributors with an opportunity to secure prints of the work.
The secret location will be announced here on CB, Thursday morning, October 11.
Pool Collective artists include Danny Eastwood, Simon Harsent, Christopher Ireland, Sean Izzard and Ingvar Kenne. They collaborate regularly with leading advertising agencies and have won Cannes Lions, Clio and D&AD awards for their work.


How many agencies are called collective now... said:

You've got 'The Collective' agency and group on X Factor, now 'The Pool Collective' -sheesh, enough with the collective already!

wish I was in it said:

Very impressive Pool. Especially love the Ron Jeremy film.

Nice said:

Great work guys!

creamy heartbreak said:

The Chris Ireland stuff is just lovely. I also love the Ron Jeremy film almost as much as its' title. It is as comforting and disturbing as an opiate laced lamington or whatever the porn equivalent of a lamington is. Well done Pool Collective. I have already voted for you in the X Factor via parallel universe SMS voting. I hope you beat that Henri Cartier- Bresson who is so busy waiting for the moment he often forgets the words to the pop hit tunes. What a tool!

Appy chappy said:

Nice work guys and congrats.

11:31, shut the fuck up fool. The Pool was around even before you discovered cock.

Red Devil said:

Love it especially Harsent's but he forgot to photograph the ground of the greatest club in the world!

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