Bond's dreaming of a White Christmas in new campaign launching tonight via Banjo, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 9.48.51 AM.jpgCB Exclusive - Tonight Bonds, via Banjo, Sydney, launches its biggest and brightest Christmas campaign to date, celebrating the colours of an Australian Christmas alongside famous Aussies, including Bonds Ambassadors Rachael Taylor, Pat Rafter and Samara Weaving.

Set to the Christmas classic "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", the campaign is anything but white. The TVC takes inspiration from some of Australia's most iconic and colourful landscapes, flora and fauna to showcase Bonds latest range of colourful underwear and clothing.

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 9.48.44 AM.jpgThe campaign launches nationally tonight with a 60 and 30 second TVC, directed by Alex Smith. The iconic Christmas carol has been re-imagined by Sonar music, featuring vocals by Holiday Sidewinder.

This campaign marks the follow up to Bonds first Christmas campaign in 2011, "12 Days of Christmas", also directed by Alex Smith, which went on to win a Silver Effie at this year's Advertising Effectiveness Awards.

The colours of Bonds Christmas will also be brought to life in Bonds stores, throughout retailers nationally and on

Agency: Banjo
Director: Alex Smith
Production Company: Doll
Post-Production: Method Studios
Music: Sonar Music
Digital: WiTH Collective
Media: Mediacom


Poop said:

What a plie of poop.

really? said:

wow. a cross between a bad music video and a school pantomime.

Bill WIthered said:

Sounds like the music was done on Garageband in someone's bedroom.
I wasn't a huge fan of the Jack Ladder track, but I take it all back, that was amazing compared to the quality of this music.

A D Denizen said:

Come on Poop and Really. Seems to me this is a spot about selling smalls to Australians in the lead up to Christmas. In that respect, it's right on the money: buy an Australian icon for the whole family at Christmas. It's a pretty clear message. Just because the kids toned down the titillation doesn't mean it's shite.

len said:

compared to others, this has no focus, feels cobbled together. missed opportunity.

awful said:

I just vomited in my mouth.

commentator said:

good lord that was bad. what were they thinking?

Oh dear said:

How very very disappointing. Bonds is one of those brands I look forward to seeing advertising for. But this....urgh ! It looks like 3 or 4 ads stuck together with cheap sticky from the $2 shop. Not even the music saves this one. Sorry Banjo. Fail !

2 cents said:

Cheap and nasty like the product. Should make the ads in China where the undies come from.

For real? said:

Is this a joke? Are they teasing us here? When's the real Bonds Christmas ad coming out? This is just plain awful!

TSW said:

No idea why this is so bad.


No idea IS why this is so bad.

Reynolds, B. said:

This bit of Banjo feels less 'Patterson', more 'Deliverance' or maybe 'Kazooie'.

What happened? said:

Normally I love the Bonds ads but this one really takes a dive from their usual standard. Such a shame. With these products and this theme they could have done something really fun and smart.

Old CD Guy said:

Well at least we've learned one thing - if you have to crowbar Pat Rafter into every Bonds ad, the least you can do is humiliate him by editing him in from some parallel universe and have him play a...WTF is that school carpentry project gone horribly wrong?

Flat said:

The link between the 'Colour Range' and Xmas is non existent. Aussies summers are so colorful so feels like a missed opportunity.

Would have made more sense as a Bonds White's brief with that track.

Mo S. said:

The music is a bit haunting....(the flying kids as well)...
Although the ad makes me want to buy BONDS undies and sports bras.

Tyson said:

I'm surprised at some of the comments -
'Would've made more sense if it was for white briefs'
Really? Are juxtaposition, irony and contrast concepts that are lost on you?

I think the ad is a great one that presents a fresh and vibrant BONDS for 2013. It embraces summertime in Australia in a non-cliché way which I think (judging by some of the comments here) people just expect because they think it just has to sell something. Building brand equity and is just as important as promoting product and I applaud Banjo for doing it so effectively.

Helen said:

Loved the ad, can't stop looking and waiting for that last chubby baby shot. Precious! Beautiful colours and an Aussie feel. Love the dreamy quirky music. It's all good.

HopieT said:

Love the song i want it

Natasha said:

Love this ad! So carchy

lonhro said:

well done bonds!
looks like alot of people without brain depth comment here

AB.Dub said:

Utter Tripe....just saw it on T.V, whoever was responsible for that garbage should hang their head in SHAME!! Appalling!!!!!

Nicole S said:

Pathetic ad... music was boring as crap. Big downfall to celebs profiles im sure.

theadder said:

Who is the asian girl? Anyone?

Squidb8 said:

Undoubtedly the best Christmas Commercial on television. You should put the song on itunes, I think it would have a great uptake. Well done

Bonds All They Way said:

Hello haters!!! What more do you want!!??
It's got colour, Christmas, Caleb's and bond's in there!
It's bloody brilliant!!! Open your eyes people, it's true blue Aussie :)
Love every second of it!!!

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