Bulla Ice Cream enlists Dorothy to promote Creamy Classics in new Wizard of Oz-themed spot via The Bridge, Melbourne

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 3.30.41 PM.jpgThe Bridge, Melbourne has put to air a new Wizard of Oz-themed spot for Bulla Ice Cream, which features Dorothy going home to a creamy mouthful or two of Creamy Classics.

The spot was produced by The Sweet Shop.



Jack russell said:

"Dorothy going home for a creamy mouthful or two..."

Who did the PR release? Ron Jeremy?

b said:

Needs more flying monkeys.

Cognitive DIssonance said:

and the best title they could come up with was BL1900BCC 30? Way to do digital, guys.

Kill the voice over said:

... before they kill another ad

Fb said:

Where can I get those shoes!?

Gracee said:

Anyone know the singer & title??

Kaz said:

Who is the actress?

Answer for you said:

Actress is marisa siketa - summer hoyland in neighbours

anonymousposs1 said:

I want to get the bowl with the bluebirds on it.
Or was it specially painted/created for this ad?

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