Fitzy + Wippa air final show of the year on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge - part of Bridgeclimb's 'Live from the Bridge' festival via The Monkeys

SaundersNova_0097a.jpgIn the coming weeks BridgeClimb presents to the city Live from the Bridge - a festival of unique happenings live from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge via The Monkeys.

To kick it off Nova's Fitzy and Wippa climbed the the Bridge - 134 metres above the harbour - and broadcast their final show of the year to an audience of approximately 220,000 and streamed live via Nova's website. During the lead up to the broadcast listeners were given the opportunity to win a double pass to climb the Bridge and join them during the show.
Bridge_Posters.jpgRegular events and promotions will be broadcast from the summit in partnership with DMG Radio, including live performances, special guests and surprise interactions with climbers, onlookers and the surrounding environment.

Says Stephen O'Connor, BridgeClimb's general manager of marketing: "Live from the Bridge is a way to give the Bridge back to the people of Sydney, we wanted to create unique experiences that connect them to their bridge in a way that they wouldn't normally. This is just one of many events we have planned in coming months."

Live from the Bridge encourages Sydneysiders to get involved with their bridge and ultimately, consider climbing it.

Client: BridgeClimb
Agency: The Monkeys

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