KFC and the Madden brothers celebrate good times in new campaign via Ogilvy Sydney

Brothers.jpgKFC Australia today announced it will partner with Joel and Benji Madden to launch the KFC Good Times campaign, an initiative aimed at celebrating why life in Australia is 'So Good' via Ogilvy Sydney.

The Maddens will feature in a series of TVCs, experiential, social media and public relations activities, which are aimed at driving consumer engagement on the KFC Good Times Facebook app.

Through the Good Times campaign, Aussies will have the opportunity to provide Joel and Benji with inspiration to record a song that expresses what it means to have a good time in Australia.

Consumers will be able to inspire The Madden brothers, by sharing videos, stories or photos that describe what it means to have a good time in Australia. People with access to Facebook will be able to visit the KFC Facebook page and submit and share their inspiration on the Good Times Gallery.

Says Nikki Lawson, chief marketing officer at KFC Australia: "Over the last few years, fun seems to have been put on hold, as such the aim of the KFC Good Times campaign is to help everyone to rediscover and enjoy the everyday moments and things that make being in Australia 'So Good'. We felt this was a great opportunity to team up with Joel and Benji, who like us, love having a good time and enjoy our great tasting food."

The Maddens will regularly visit the Good Times Gallery  and will use a selection of the submissions as inspiration. KFC Facebook fans will be able to comment and vote on the content they think is most inspiring.

On Australia Day (26 January 2013), the Maddens will perform the song live and exclusively at the KFC International Twenty20 cricket match at ANZ Stadium. The song will also be made available to KFC's Facebook fans on 25 January 2013.

The campaign was kick-started at an exclusive event last night featuring a special collaboration performance, of the song Good Times, by Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes and the Madden Brothers.

Click here for more information about the Good Times campaign.

Client: KFC Australia
CMO: Nikki Lawson
Group Marketing Managers: Sally Spriggs and Lesley Bridge
Record Label: EMI Music Australia
Head of Brand Partnerships: Andie Tickner
Creative agency: Ogilvy Sydney
ECD: Brett Howlett
Creative Group Head: Michael Raso
Copywriter: Steve Ogilvie
Art Director: Chris McMullen
Business Director: Scott Chalcraft
Account Management: Stuart Eaton, Stephen Doyle and Claudia Kirkman
Branded Entertainment: Ensemble
Managing Director: Justin Ricketts
Events and Activation Director: Gemma Ni Maoltuile.
Media agency:  MediaCom
Client Communications Planning Director:  Adele Walsh
Strategic Group Director: James Larman
Implementation Planning Director:  Helena Kolivas
Director of Innovation & Technology:  Alexa Hohenburg
Public Relations: Edelman Australia
Account Management: Jo Osorio, Katy McMillan and Jess de Boer


oh. said:

Won't lie. Pretty disappointed it wasn't Justin and Simon.

Beer Before Breakfast said:

I loathe these two irrelevant tryhard Yanks.

But I imagine the KFC-eating, X-Factor/Voice/Idol-watching, Big Brother-worshiping, Holden Ute-driving, Farmers Union-drinking, Baby Bonus-receiving, Hopper's Crossing-living, Hi-Vis workwear-wearing, K-Mart-shopping demographic loves 'em.

Eh said:


Benji said:

Reeks of Raso

Mark said:

Nicely put together. Best KFC ads all year.

Cognitive DIssonance said:

Didn't some brand get Joel and his brother to write a song for some guy who was proposing to his girlfriend last year? Heineken? Some spirit like Jim Beam?

KFC last year with the "gap year" girl inviting her facebook friends in England to a party - now that was good.

nothing but drumsticks please said:



Me said:

I prefer this to the overcooked Maccas campaign on TV.

"Who are these two guys selling me chicken?" said:

Bill Hicks, totally brilliant.
As for 'Mark'? Best KFC ads all year? What does that mean?

I think you've taken Bill Hicks' advice too literally yourself.

Re Beer before Breakfast said:


Re Mark, sorry to disagree but Ogilvy & KFC have actually produced a couple of good spots this year and these are not one of them

Easts said:

These two seem disproportionately popular in Australia than the rest of the world.

They're like the male versions of Pink.

Mark said:

Sorry, I like the drive-in stuff. I like real people and their honest reactions.

Felt spontaneous. Not forced and contrived. Not put-on.

Apologies for having an opinion, but give it to me straight and I'll appreciate the plain-spokeness. I'm also not alone.

But you can still have your opinion. That's fair.

Lady Fingers said:

Isn't that Rob G from Finch in the blue cap?

twiglet said:

Yeuch. I'd want my chicken thoroughly washed if those two had been anywhere near it.

no, no, thank you said:

So the launch vid has a South African, cutting to a Pom telling me about 2 American 'pop stars' on how Australians have a good time with Kentucky chicken...

Chicken Fingers said:

Dead ringer.

SW said:

The promo/Activation zeitgeist in its death throes.

Right said Mike said:

Nice campaign, especially for Ogilvy. Any production company, no mention of one in amongst copious credits?

Ironic said:

Meat puppets...

Cognitive DIssonance said:


you can see how they put these two brands together. Bland, over-cooked, artificial flavour...

michael said:

Ha, things cant be going well at Finch

Hold on a minute guys said:

The launch event video is clocking up some serious numbers on the tube. Seems like the masses are loving it.

Hold it yourself said:

'Serious numbers'? ...the link shows 737 views.

chicken shit said:

these sell-out fake punk celebrity douche bags have gone from PETA spokesmen to KFC ads. seriously shameless...

The Truth said:

Bunch of whores, everyone involved.

Bill Hicks, spot on.

Pseudoefeedrin said:

KFC is fucking shit. But barefoot bowls rocks!

Recycled rabbit said:

KFC... Krusty Fat C**ts!

Anil Lamba said:

Fucken worst piece of TV I've seen all year.

Who? said:

I have no idea who these 2 idiots are, they seem really out of place in these ads, they just look like idiots. I hope there are no more with them in, they are getting very annoying. (maybe I am out of touch but I have asked quite a few other people and they don't know either). I don;t like KFC either, bit too fatty for me.

bk029 said:

Haha. Total douche bags

Tony said:

Who are these idiots - aussiesb dont have to put up with american shit

Dash said:

Why are we watching these two forreighn nobodies ??? Who are they ??? Typical american shite tv.......

tony said:

fuck these idiots off americans are shit

Robbage said:

Two nobodies tried to sell us oil-soaked chicken fat. I don't listen to them on the radio.. and that's the way I like it.

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