M&C Saatchi's Sam Holt stars in seductive posters for ladies of the office for Movember

Movemberposters_mobromark.jpgWorking as part of the team on the Google Movember Games campaign, M&C Saatchi junior art director Sam Holt was inspired to put himself and his mo in the picture to raise funds for the cause.

He produced a set of seductive posters featuring him and his well-adorned upper lip, in various states of repose, to sell to the ladies of the office.

Click here to visit Sam's page and donate and then send him an email here with the seductive mo-ment you fancy to claim your personalised poster (sans watermark) that will be sent to your email.
Says Holt: "Movember's all about giving and I just thought I couldn't ask for money from everyone without giving them at least a laugh in return - to turn that laughter into donations.

"So I targeted the ladies of the agency offering them personalised posters celebrating and rejoicing the thick manly stubble on my upper lip.

"For as little as $5 for a signed A4 print, to the deluxe $15 A3 cologne-scented version, the girls can have both me and my mo forever."

Holt has already sold 55 signed posters and his mo is plastered across the M&C Saatchi's Macquarie St HQ, on desktops, photocopiers, pinboards and fridges.

Holt is certainly no lone wolf in the mo-growing stakes at M&C Saatchi. Many men of the agency are sacrificing their aesthetic for the great cause, including his own Movember Games Team  and the the magnificent seven that comprise Team M&C Mustaachi.


account exec said:

he's so hot!!!!

Secret Admirer said:

So dreamy. I wish I worked there.

Man said:

I'd turn.
But I doubt he'd have to.

Everybody sing... said:


Hottie said:

MandC have always had the hottest chicks now the are evening the score.well done.

question said:


Bilby said:

I don't work at the agency, and I hate this.

Platypus said:

I'm not massive on this either.

nano-WTF said:

i'm miniscule on this

sheesh said:

What's to hate? It's not a "campaign", just a bit of fun for movember. Lighten up.

Harold Holt said:

Where are my damned flippers?

BellevueBoy said:

He looks completely different to the guy I went to school with a decade ago. Maybe it's a different Sam Holt?

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