McDonald's gets set for summer with launch of 'Do Summer' campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 2.25.49 PM.jpgDDB Sydney and McDonald's Australia have this week launched an exciting new brand TVC just in time for summer. The Do Summer campaign centres on celebrating the 'summer moments' Australians and New Zealanders know and love, at McDonald's.

Based on the insight that summer is spontaneous, full of possibilities and fun, and having the freedom to be, Do Summer showcases McDonald's love for the best bits of summer, welcoming those 'summer moments' into McDonald's restaurants across the nation.

Says DDB Sydney, Creative Director, Richard Morgan: "In summer everyone's a bit more laid back and relaxed. These are timeless summer moments that all of us Aussies and Kiwis recognise, so it felt right to bring the spot to life in a way that's both modern and retro at the same time. Above all, the ad really aims to capture the spirit of McDonald's summer in an accessible way," said Morgan.

DDB Sydney, Creative Director, Cam Hoelter says that this is just the start of McDonald's Do Summer campaign: "This new TVC is the first installment in the Do Summer campaign. Over the coming weeks, DDB Sydney will be launching a number of installments which build on this strong summer platform, while raising awareness of new McDonald's products, including the Smokey BBQ Bandit, Blazing Omelette McMuffin and the Mango & Pineapple Smash," said Hoelter.

Says McDonald's Australia, Director of Marketing, Madeleine Fitzpatrick: "It was fantastic to be able to create a campaign which embraces summer in all it's glory and show McDonald's customers that this year, summer rules will apply at all McDonald's restaurants. Whether it's the barefoot hop across the carpark, flick of the sunnies or water in your ear, it's all being celebrated by McDonald's this summer," said Fitzpatrick.

The campaign also features real McDonald's crew members and will run across Australia and New Zealand, is supported by radio, out of home, press and digital.

Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison, DDB Sydney
Managing Partner: Richard Morewood, DDB Sydney
Creative Directors: Cam Hoelter and Richard Morgan, DDB Sydney
Senior Producer: Amanda Bennie, DDB Sydney
Account Director: Carly Pratt, DDB New Zealand

Production: Prodigy Films
Director: Steve Hudson
Producer: Marge McInness
DoP: Jeremy Rouse
Music: Electric Dreams

Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
VP/Director of Marketing: Madeleine Fitzpatrick
Senior Brand Manager: Jennifer Lim
Brand Manager: Luke Pavan 


Ronald McRonald said:

Genius insight! Every regular McDonald's customer has the ripped abs of an olympic gymnast, or is the owner of the perfect bikini bum eh, and, er, what - oh...

Douche said:

I fapped

claz said:

Every tubby on the beach in summer did McDonalds in the winter.

Woeful spot. Just woeful.

scared? said:

less than two hours later and the video's been pulled from youtube...

I like it said:

A fun summer ad. It'll stand out, it's catchy and like it or not, McDonald's is one of the few brands that is synonymous with summer.

Yep said:

Usual mediocre crap we've come to expect from duh duh buh.

What the... said:

McDonald's is synonymous with summer.....? Are you smoking meth?

McDonald's may be synonymous with global obesity, deliberate marketing to small children, cruelty to animals, slave labour, market collusion and numerous other execrable practices, but what it's got to do with summer is beyond me.

Reg McDonald said:

an improvement on the previous shite and at least feels like they're finally back on brand...

Seen it better said:

I way prefer the Drumstick 'summer' ad.

Not Bad said:

For a McDonald's ad I reckon that was much better than most. The kids will like has a sense of fun and energy.

It's not much of an idea but it's McDonald's ... what are you gonna do?

e said:

Love the granny towards the end

mayor mccheese said:

everyone outside the blog will love this. i dont work at ddb btw. nearby, but not there.

White World said:

I like this it's not brilliant but it's enjoyable. However, it would be nice if Mcdonalds could put some non anglo's in their ads. Everyone in your agency and marketing department might be a white bread sandwich but have a look at who eats and works in your stores. When you see whiteworld ads like this, it just does not represent Australia and is so unrealistic.

erm said:

I am not lip reader but I am pretty sure the granny in the end say "oh fuck it".

looks good to me said:

Not sure what ad you were watching @White World...

La la land said:

Love the cute little boy having his sun screen!!

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