Metro Trains reveals dumb ways to die in new integrated campaign via McCann Melbourne

Dumb Ways To Die album cover.jpgIn an effort to reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents on its rail network, Metro Trains Melbourne today launched a safety campaign created by McCann, Melbourne led by a new song titled "Dumb Ways to Die".

The catchy tune and music video are designed to clearly capture the reality of most train accidents - they're almost entirely preventable and would never happen if the people involved didn't do something dumb.

Spearheaded by a music video and song that can be downloaded from the iTunes store or via, the campaign will also appear in press, through a Nova radio promotion, on Tumblr, through small and large space outdoor and right throughout the Metro Trains network.

DWTD Press.jpgSays Chloe Alsop, Marketing Manager of Metro Trains: "The safety of our customers is our single most important consideration. So it's terribly sad to see so many preventable accidents or near misses on our train system.

"This campaign is designed to draw people to the safety message, rather than frighten them away. Especially in our younger segments. We want to create a lasting understanding that you shouldn't take risks around trains, that the prospect of death or serious injury is ever-present and that we as a community need to be aware of what constitutes both safe and dumb behaviour."

Says McCann Executive Creative Director John Mescall: "We've got people eating superglue, sticking forks in toasters and selling both their kidneys. But truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and we still couldn't come up with dumber ways to die than driving around boomgates and all the other things people do to put themselves in harm's way around trains.

"The aim of this campaign is to engage an audience that really doesn't want to hear any kind of safety message, and we think dumb ways to die will."

Says McCann National CEO Ash Farr: "McCann is committed to transforming brands for positive change. This campaign is another step in our strategy to demonstrate to Melbournians that Metro cares about customers, their safety and their happiness."

Executive Creative Director: John Mescall
Creative Team: John Mescall, Pat Baron
Animation: Julian Frost
Digital Team: Huey Groves, Christian Stocker
Group Account Director: Adrian Mills
Account Director: Alec Hussain
Senior Account Manager: Tamara Broman
Senior Producer: Mark Bradley
Producer: Cinnamon Darvall
Composer and producer: Oliver McGill
Metro Trains
General Manager, Corporate Relations: Leah Waymark
Marketing Manager: Chloe Alsop


N said:

Fantastic guys, really well done.

Like said:


Some guy said:

Very nice!

june said:

This is pure gold. in every sense of the word. McCanners - yes you can.

Darwin awards wannabe said:

That is fucking brilliant. I absolutely loved it. Really, really, really nice work. You've got to be happy with yourselves for that one. Great work!

W said:

Love the song - can't stop singing it!

A3 said:

Like it guys. Beautifully made too.

like said:

clicked thinking I was going to watch just 20 seconds of it - ended up watching the whole thing. nice stuff

Can't get it out of my head said:

Haha f*ck that's catchy

Big Fan said:

Absolutely brilliant

Ricci said:

Nice work. Like it alot.

K said:

This is really lovely work, well done!

Wizard of Oz said:

Sensational. And good on the client for saying yes.

T said:

Brilliant. Better make some room on the shelf.

Love it said:

Brilliant piece of work!

yes! said:

great work, cute characters, i love the animation! reminds me of happy tree friends and friends.

Applause from the cheap seats. said:

That is really good. It is not easy to write a catchy tune! The animation is lovely too. Well done all.

Is there a shorter version for the attention deficit brigade? Just wondering.

Beer Before Breakfast said:

No doubt the looney PC brigade will condemn this as insensitive.

Oz said:

LOVE this. Who did the character illustration? Fun stuff.

bill said:


Brent Liebenberg said:

The best thing I've seen all year.

So very good.

Excel-ent said:

I know everyone's going to assume these previous comments were made by McCann's, but I just watched it with a bunch of creatives in a different agency and we all thought it was really good too.

Burrett said:

I don't get it.

Charles Darwin said:

This work displays a sureness of touch so sadly lacking from 99% of Australian work.

Super suit said:

Go adrian mills, everything you touch at mccann turns to gold.

excellent said:


O said:

Ha. Bloody brilliant. Here's to hoping it goes viral and picks up some metal.

Joss said:

Amazing work, nice animation as usual Frosty

Lenny said:

Whoa! That's great.
Nice use of tumblr and gifs too.

B said:

Shit ay. That's bloody good.

Jealous as said:

I never thought I'd say this but, well done McCann Melbourne.

God, that felt weird.

Hats off. said:

Nice. Really nice. Hopefully, even the haters are silenced, for once...

Jay said:

Fark! Brilliant! Bravo people. Bravo.

JJ said:

Well done guys! Love it!

Alex said:


Bill E said:

This is lovely. Charles Darwin - spot on.

Tone said:

Well done Pat

Razor said:

Fantastic!! Great music by Ollie McGill. There's life away from The Cat Empire. (But good luck with the new album)

Jack Russell said:

It's a lovely piece of work. And when you see something like this, you just have to think that the account people are doing a mighty job too. Well done to everyone concerned.

5 people at Innocean said:


Lover not a Hater said:


Love, love said:


Well the f%#k done.

noice said:

my favourite thing all year.

Matt said:

Mindf**k - its a trick, dont listen to the wont be able to get it out of your head!

Christian Stocker said:

Julian Frost did the animations. Absolute gun at it.

So good that I'm applauding it anonymously for fear of being seen to be bathing in it's glow said:

That's in the top 3 things I've watched this year... including that bearded guy doing 'Call me maybe' on Chat Roullette and Felix Bumgardener's jump from space. Hats and pants off!!!

Smaz said:

nice spot. great music track and animation. well done to all involved

Simon said:

Really ace work!

Northy/Northo said:

Best thing this year. Well done all involved, especially you Frostification. Angry jealous.

chucky said:

The brief: "Here's the message we'd like you to get out there - reckon you can make it go viral?". Winning.

Credit where credit's due said:

Really great. Congrats to all involved.

concernedincroydon said:

Wow. I love this.

Gold Digger said:

Cannes something I reckon. 50 odd comments of love on CB and it's a winner.
Very fucking WOW!

b said:

Front page of Reddit. It must be good.

soup said:

Just saw this on Reddit too. Getting raves over there too. Viral mission accomplished. Well done.

Em said:

Just saw it's a top 10 song right now on iTunes. Not surprised, it's catchy as fuck.

THIS is how you make advertising.

Winston said:

Brilliant work. Laurels. You got 'em

Paul said:

Fucking amazing. Congrats to everyone involved. Favourite piece of the year.

true statement said:

Saw this yesterday. It is so good -- I literally lost sleep over it last night. Great job to all involved.

Hamish said:

Fantastic. I've watched about 15 times already today and still love it. Well done all involved!

Boom said:

Single selling on itunes... now ranked No8 in Singer Songwriter category... unheard of

died laughing said:

idea is great.
execution better.
music the best.
never thought I'd say it but well done McCann Melb and hats off to the client.
The bar has been raised.

Astroturf said:

Stop smoking my shit...

Good one. said:

To all the foreign ECDs that say Aussie work is cheesy and shit. This should shut you up.

Gary Green said:

To all the creatives that think this works, keep that in mind next time you are doing a spot and end up getting some businessman to send you 20 tracks of unsigned bands he is pushing around town, because it is 'easier' than doing something original. Music in advertising has been relegated to merely wallpaper in most campaigns. It can and should be a large part of ads, but the recent trends of leaving it all to the 'bandpushers' has had the opposite effect.
Nice to see somebody actually thinking about te effectiveness of original music.

The Ranger Author Profile Page said:

That's Gold! Metal Metal Metal.

twogorillas said:

Pat-sational and same to all involved

no way that is sick said:

wow that is so awsome i have watched so many times and made a video clip and got all my friends to get it and woooooow so awesome and addictive if u could find some more dum ways to die add that in to woooow wow wow wow love it #addicted#love it#good record making#love the washing machine one

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