Neuroscience study reveals music videos outperform television advertising impact

vevo neuroscience study.jpgAn audience's passion for music creates the most effective advertising environment for brand marketers, according to a neuroscience study conducted by a leading market research company for VEVO, the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform and UM, the Interpublic media agency in the States.

The Neuroscience Research Study was undertaken by Neuro-Insight, a market research company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications.

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The research shows that music videos are better than television when it comes to audiences remembering ads - with the emotional intensity created by music video programming translating into the highest ad impact.

The study found:
  • Online content outperformed conventional TV, scoring higher on engagement, emotion and memory
  • Music videos scored the highest on emotional intensity while online TV scored the highest on engagement
  • Music videos had the highest memory encoding during ad-breaks - the true indicator of success for brands. Conversely, online TV underperformed on this metric, demonstrating that content engagement alone doesn't equate to ad effectiveness.

VEVO's senior VP international, Nic Jones, unveiled the research during a Masterclass presentation in conjunction with MCM Media on Harnessing the Power of Premium Online Video.

Says Jones: "This research highlights what we've often hypothesized - that people have a stronger connection with music than they do with TV content, and that ads associated with online music video content benefit from that positive emotional connection."

Neuro-Insight collected data from 100 participants during a two week period in July/August with testing carried out in a home environment to mimic personal behaviours. TV viewers watched episodes of their favorite shows, while online views saw their favorite music videos, TV shows and TV clips. Ads were inserted as conventionally served in each media.

VEVO is available to advertisers as part of MCM Media's Digital Entertainment Network - the biggest premium online video offering in the country syndicated across 57 online sites. Its reach is 147% the size of all the commercial TV catchup services combined (Nielsen Netview).


Hold up said:

Can we have a link to the actual study please?

The real deal said:

At least it's real neuroscience and not some snake oil rubbish masquerading as neuroscience.

Dr Jurd said:

My jungle juice is better than Sunjit's snake oil.

John ham said:

Some research to tell us the bleeding obvious. Of course it's more enjoyable to watch a music video than to watch an ad.
it's like saying people are more responsive when watching a music video than when they are having their teeth drilled.

Careful Reader said:

I think John Ham,
it's more about whether people recall ads better while watching music videos or while watching non music tv shows. i.e. when you go from music video to an ad, you're more likely to remember that ad.

Anne Miles said:

Isn't this all just about putting a brand where the consumer is wanting something and driving the engagement themselves, rather than just being told something in an invasive fashion?

I guess it says let's look at music videos for branded opportunities more too.

Music video production has a habit of exploiting the production industry - I'm not necessarily saying it is always a bad thing for those wanting to get a directing career started. I do think there is room for higher quality music productions in line with international productions; and perhaps having brand funding could be a way to lift the game. I'm up for that!

wow said:

there's something so cutting edge about the way this could be used: check this out kids:

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