Peter's Drumstick launches new 'Sing It Out Loud' outdoor campaign via Publicis Mojo, Melbourne - Facebook fans shot by Andreas Smetana

drum1.jpgScreen shot 2012-11-05 at 2.58.28 PM.jpgPeter's Drumstick has launched a new outdoor campaign under the tagline 'Sing It Out Loud' via Publicis Mojo, Melbourne, photographed by Andreas Smetana.

The street level placement and the fact it will include 8 creative executions make this non-traditional outdoor campaign unique. Displaying rockstars and popstars, recruited from Drumstick's facebook fanbase as part of the battle between the two newest Drumstick flavours.
Joanna Fawkner, Group Investment Director from media agency ZenithOptimedia Melbourne, believes the street level posters will jump out at the intended audience. She says the creative highlighted the product in vibrant  impactful colours reflecting the two very different flavours.
"Elements from the broader mainstream campaign have fit in perfectly to this urban medium," she said. "Creating impact through domination is a key element to kicking off our summer campaign."

Mark Fishwick, Managing Director of The Ambient Group said the new street poster platform is gaining traction with mainstream brands. "We have made significant investment in beautifying the sites bringing together a national network of displays, ideal for big brand advertisers."
Ambient partners with national providers and has over 8,000 two-sheet poster sites nationally.

Adds photographer Andreas Smetana: "None of the talent had experience in front of the camera, so the challenge was to get the best out of them... which we did. I even had to make a change from the music I normally play in the Studio, Leonard Cohen and Dylan didn't cut it." In a unique approach for Peters, Drumstick's drum3.jpgFacebook fans were called upon to feature in outdoor, transit and digital executions, as well as rock-band inspired street posters, posing like rockstars singing into ice cream cones. "We have some really passionate Drumstick fans out there and this seemed like an ideal way to thank them and, for a brief moment in time, help them realize their dream of becoming a rockstar," says Andrea Hamori, Marketing Manager for Peters Drumstick.

To really give the 'Music to Your Mouth' idea some gravitas, a search was conducted for Australia's most talented 'mouth musicians,' which resulted in 3 young guys - 2 beatboxers and a singer - coming together to form a band, aptly named, 'The Mouths.' Fuelled by drum4.jpgDrumstick Rock and Drumstick Pop, The Mouths recorded their debut track - a cover of the Apollo 440 hit, 'Heart Go Boom' using only one instrument - their mouths.

Michelle Walsh, Creative Director of Publicis Mojo Melbourne says, "We couldn't have asked for a better, more talented bunch of guys. The undeniable chemistry between Dr Rhythm, Kodak and Nuz makes for very entertaining viewing. They were a dream to work with and I even got to learn a little bit of beatboxing."

The music track generated a suite of branded content comprising a music video and 5-part rockumentary about the band, whose members also featured in a series of television teasers and commercials.

drum5.jpgAndrew Reeves, Strategy Director at ZenithOptimedia says "ZO have really enjoyed collaborating with Publicis Mojo on this summer 2012 Drumstick campaign. Our Open approach has meant that we had the opportunity to work closely with creative teams to best exploit the insights we developed for the core audience, and to then amplify the idea in a connections context. Through a rigorous briefing process Channel [V] emerged as the ideal partner to bring our extension ideas to life, and the resulting content produced has been outstanding."

To help further engage consumers and drive participation through Facebook, Drumstick is giving its fans the chance to win a music-lover's dream - a trip for 4 to California's biggest drum6.jpgmusic festival, Coachella. All they have to do is record themselves making a little bit of 'mouth music' and upload their clip to the page.

 The promotion launched nationally on 1 November. And Drumstick Rock and Drumstick Pop are now touring local grocery and petrol and convenience stores across Australia.

Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
CD: Michelle Walsh
AD: Simon Cooper
Styling: Suzanne King
Retouching: Limehouse
Producer: Natalie Loveridge
Photographer: Andreas Smetana



Snigger said:

Anyone else think that this started life as an o-face campaign?

? said:

Drumstick? This man needs a laxative and quick!

Kev T said:

nice photography

Jase The €%#~Face. said:

I reckon it's alright. No massive brand idea but about as deep as ice cream ads need to get.

ok said:

I saw one of these posters today as I drove past a bus stop. It was the second one with the asian girl. I had no idea what the product was though it looked like some one with sever tooth ache eating an ice-cream. I though it might have been for Sensodyne or the like. When you look at a whole lot of them together (like here) and have it explained they are singing you might get it but when you flash past one on its

@ Kev T said:

What drugs are you on?
Would love to have the rose coloured glasses you are looking at these through.
Either that or you worked on/shot this campaign.

Lemmy said:

They all look like they're copping one in the clacker. And they all look like they are into advertising, not rock. So that's a bit shit too.

exposure said:

Andreas cannot save shit ideas.

Nice shots, poo concept.

Would have been better if the shots were snapped on punters iphones. Real would have made the dubious insight more believable.

mr negative said:

I think you're over intellectualising a poster. It looks like people singing into ice creams called Rock and Pop. It's not rocket science, it's confectionary.

Get a life! said:

Ha ha ha ha haters make me laugh. You will find a negative in just about anything! It's people singing into ice creams called Rock and Pop. Pretty simple if you ask me.

John McEnroe said:

Would have been better in black and white like an old NME paper makIng normal people look like rock stars!

Not just the idea... said:

Idea ain't that bad. Makes you look, but it all comes together with the media placements. Get out on the streets and see for yourself people!

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