Sound Alliance launches Electronic Music Conference in Asia Pacific + trends #1 on Twitter

Untitled1.jpgSound Alliance has successfully launched the largest Electronic Dance Music conference in Asia Pacific with over 400 attendees and 100 speakers over the past two days at Doltone House.

Guests included international artists like Tiesto and Diplo but also some of Australia's leading music marketers including Droga5 CEO Sudeep Gohil, CUB brand partnerships manager Andy Vance, Peer Group's Adam Zammit, EMI's Roddy Campbell, SOL REPUBLIC CMO Seth Combs, and Sound Alliance CEO Neil Ackland, to discuss the crucial role brands play in today's music industry.
The event showcased an insider look into the music business and how brands can activate successfully in the music arena. "The Strategic Art of Selling Out" was particularly entertaining with Sound Alliance bringing together some of Australia and the world's most sophisticated brand marketers operating in music world.
Says Ackland: "As a youth specialist media and marketing company, it's vital that we are in tune with the zeitgeist of youth, and music is a major pillar in their lives.  We are setting the tone and agenda for the world's fastest growing music genre for this region.  This event is a great demonstration of our commitment to understanding the youth market and how we can be the bridge between brands and youth culture."

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