TAC's Xmas message via Grey, Melbourne: If you like to drink & drive, here's a truly amazing offer!

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.08.49 AM.jpgA new (and tacky!) tack from Grey Melbourne for the TAC parodies the 'steak knives' genre to bring home the far-reaching consequences of drink driving.

'Boozebusted' is housed in a specially constructed microsite. The commercial itemises the escalating list of outcomes: fines, loss of licence, an interlock in the car, impounding of car and ultimately the possibility of jail. They can all be yours!

The infomercial theme has been taken into other media to lead drivers to the boozebusted site: online advertising, ads with Viewa in lads' mags, street press, pubs and bottle shops and talking urinal cakes (honestly!).



commentator said:

Nice idea and nicely made. For once none of the usual suspects will complain about the poor production quality. The cheap look works a treat. Be interesting to see if the targeted audience respond.

ohno said:

saw the exact idea from a student a few years back when I did Award Craft

Drink driver said:

Great idea. Well executed. Should work.

Dicko said:

Onya Skeet.

sober said:


Rob said:

awful and terrible. execution ordinary.

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