Vodafone launches limited edition books designed to hide smartphones via Ogilvy Sydney

Vodafone Cricket.jpgIn a new campaign going live this week, Vodafone will launch a genius range of limited edition books that have been cleverly designed to hide a smartphone, so fans can tune into their Cricket LIVE Australia app to watch all the action from the Vodafone Test Series; while appearing to be engrossed in an educative title via Ogilvy Sydney.

cricketbook.jpgA 15 second TV campaign of teasers kicks off this week using cricketers like Vodafone Test Series Captain Michael Clarke; each promotes a different book title, like 'Turning your Pool into a Yabbie Farm', 'Whipper Snipper Maintenance', 'Cost Accounting for Management Success', or for the crafts inclined, 'Handmade Gifts of Love'. Viewers are directed to the vBook website and a video from Clarke who explains what the books are actually used for - watching 5 days of gloriously uninterrupted test cricket. Viewers can then order their free book from the site.

Says Stephen Saunders, head of sponsorship at Vodafone: "There is no place any sports-loving Aussie would rather be than at the ground or in front of the TV, but we all know that we have responsibilities that get in the way of watching, But now, thanks to Vodafone's limited edition vBook and the Cricket Live Australia App1, it's all possible."
Says Brett Howlett, Ogilvy executive creative director: "The Live Cricket app solved one problem, 'How to watch a lot of cricket', but created another, 'How to get away with watching a lot of cricket'. Creating this book was a cheeky way to make sure people downloaded the app."

Says Nathan Quailey, Ogilvy Sydney's general manager: "In addition to the 15 second teasers, the campaign also incorporated a key online component, live sites and will follow up with more activity as part of this summers test cricket broadcast on Nine."

Quailey said as part of their test cricket sponsorship, the campaign was developed following research conducted by Vodafone that revealed how "life" got in the way with watching cricket particularly test matches: with sporting fans confessing they're most likely to check-in on sport via a mobile app when they are out to dinner with friends (33%), in the bathroom (25%), at a wedding (9%), out on a date (7%) or in a business meeting (7%).

ECD - Brett Howlett
GCD - Russell Smyth
Writer - Scott Mortimer
Art Director - Wellison D'Assuncao
Digital Strategy - Damian Damjanovski
Head of Digital - Shaun Branagan
Head of Brand Planning -
Gerry Cyron
Digital Design Director - Jason Massarotto
Designer - Krez Cukljek
UX Architect - Dain Saxon
Digital Project Manager -Tony Vella
Account Director - Nathan Quailey
Print Production - Ashley Risstrom
TV Producer - Gabe Hammond
Director - David Wood
Production Company - Film Construction


Nerf said:

Magic salad plate anyone?

Boony said:

damn he's good on camera!

Ben said:

Less money on ads, more money on network.

I'd been a loyal customer for over a decade, it killed me to switch to Helstra, but didn't have a choice. Main streets in big coastal towns should have coverage.

So should homes in bayside Melbourne.

Ehhhhhhh said:

Well, he's no Doug Pitt...

Zizek said:

Why is it bad to be smart?

John McEnroe said:

I haven't seen talent as wooden as that since John Holmes unleaded his member. By the way the client's quote is hilarious. So, you need to hide your phone..because the responsibilities you have mean you can pick up a book????? Wtf. Major logic problem methinks. I like the book though.

Deja Vu said:

Aaahhh! The old fake book cover is back!

Poolboy said:

..but can I really use my pool to farm yabbies?

J said:

I find these ads bizarrely hilarious. They're so ridiculous that I can't help laughing.

e said:

is there a size for iphone

iluvcricket said:

same as poolboy - would love to farm yabbies in pool over winter - does this book really provide useful info. Love cricket too but don't need to hide checking score or tuning in!

Kal said:

I want to know whether these are tablet compatible, because I heard from someone they are

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