BUPA Australia continues 'Find a healthier you' campaign with new 'Sarah' spot via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne directed by Exit's Glendyn Ivin

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 10.58.39 AM.jpgIf you think about it our health is really the result of all the choices we make, be it our daily diet, how much we exercise or even our choice of health cover.

A new spot in the campaign for BUPA Australia via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, directed by Glendyn Ivin via Exit Films.



b said:

She looks like Lindsay Lohan.

Ventura Spleen said:

When watching the spot I noticed that the "healthier" girl had make-up on where the "un-healthier" girl in the car doesn't. Why would you need BUPA when applying make-up on your face makes you "healthier"?

@Ventura said:

Maybe the healthier girl takes the time in her day to day decisions to put her health (and personal appearance) first.

I think this is a brilliant extension of the original campaign. The rest of the health insurance industry horribly cliched.

mmm said:

I prefer this to the original campaign - less horrible over-acting

Film Technique said:

@4:07, I guess they didn't have time to let the unhealthy version of herself get fat and unfit over months and years, so they did it with make-up on the day.

bozlee said:

I think the actor is beautiful make up or no make up. Does anyone know her real name or if she has done other work? She has a similar girl-next-door appeal as Lisa McCune did when she burst on the scene.

Trav said:

I'd like to know the name of the actor too

OldSchoolFannyRat said:

Who is the girl in this ad?. she's is bangin' hot, especially in the shot where she has pressure pants on. She is soooo money.

She's even hot without makeup. Though, she wouldn't be out of heels, tube skirts, gold and spray on tan around me. Call me old fashioned.

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