Adelaide digital agency Fusion gets their Lego minifigs on in the name of corporate gift giving

Fusion09.jpgAdelaide digital agency Fusion has gone an extra step when constructing their corporate gifts this year by personalising and designing Lego personas for each of its 27 staff members.

The idea was to create something that is an experience as well as a keepsake. To showcase the different personalities in the team and how they like to enjoy their holidays, Fusion's clients each received a Fusion Build-a-break Lego kit. Each kit contained a few members of the Fusion team, a holiday activity and booklet.

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Fusion01.jpgEach Fusion team member has been custom designed in Lego. Lego pieces have been collected from all over the world to match the look, hairstyle, personality and the favorite holiday activity in order to give clients an insight into the team.

With 27 team members to collect and 9 different holiday activities to build, clients were invited to build, personalise and share their kits on Fusion04.jpgFusion's Facebook page and on their own Twitter feed using the hashtag #FusionPlay. Clients were rewarded for their involvement with bonus packs and prizes.

The Fusion website now proudly displays the complete team with their Lego minifig at under the Profile section.

People often return Fusion06.jpgto work from the New Year break without getting to experience every piece of their ideal holiday.

Fusion has given them a chance to learn more about their team, have a play and build a break.

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