Aldi recruits surfing santas for its new 'Perfect Aussie Christmas' campaign via BMF Sydney

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 5.51.24 PM.jpgSun, Fun and an Aldi Ham. The Perfect Aussie Christmas. That's the message in this new campaign for Aldi via BMF Sydney.

In ALDI's first major Christmas campaign, a jolly race of fun-loving Surfing Santas hit the waves with a scrumptious ALDI ham to celebrate the Perfect Aussie Christmas.

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The campaign, which launched Sunday December 2 with TV, outdoor, radio, catalogue, digital, print and POS, dispenses with the usual clichéd White Christmas nonsense, and champions the unique way Aussies celebrate the silly season, while showcasing ALDI's great range of Christmas products.
Says Carlos Alija and Laura Sampdero, joint BMF executive creative directors: "A lot of Australians think the European Christmas is special, more magical. But trust us. The grass is not greener. It's actually buried under an inch of ice. Australians have the best Christmas in the world and we wanted to celebrate that by creating a new icon: the Surfing Santa."
Says ALDI spokesperson: "For too long it's been reindeers this, and White Christmas that. We thought it was about time that we celebrated Christmas Australian-style and we hope that our customers enjoy watching this ad as much as we enjoyed making it."

Account Director: Aisling Salmaggi
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee-Archer
Creative team: piero ruzzene
Creative team: Flavio Fonseca
Creative team: Katie Moore
Creative team: Janet Szabados
Director: James Dive - The Glue Society
DoP: Tim Tregoning
Editor: Dan Lee
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Alija
Executive Creative Director: Laura Sampedro
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Head of Art: Sian Binder
Music + Sound Production: Sonar Music
Photographer: Tim Brockelbank
Planner: Alison Tilling
Print Producer: Deborah Meighan
Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Production Company: Revolver
Production Designer: Aaron Crothers
Post Production Company: The Editors
Managing Partner - Stephen McArdle
Retail Creative Team - Pauline Gooding
Retail Creative Team - Sophia Coghlan
Retail Creative Team - Gabrielle Teasdell
Interaction Lead - Nev Fordyce
Digital Designer - Matthew Hughes
Digital Architect - Tim Hill
Art Buyer - Sarah Thompson 
Business Lead - Samuel Viney
Catalogue Lead - Jessica Byrnes
Account Executive - Jodie Lenne


Dan said:

Cool Christmas stuff.

Dean said:

Ha,ha,ha. Im mean ho,ho,ho. It made me laugh. Really unnexpected.

margot said:

It's cute - who directed?

billy said:

Amazing for such a terrible product and service. ALDI is deplorable.

That the spots are so wonderful. Well done.

Advertising really does sell. And lie.

commentator said:

Ham-fisted execution

Down down said:

Ha! Lots of fun.
They're turning into a good client.

Im mean who directed? said:

Mumbrella – 'Could this be the worst Christmas ad ever made?'

Love the English problems on comments two and three.

ham said:

Glue Society I heard... (i'm surprised too)

Sue said:

Surreal but charming. Well done BMF.

Kev T said:

Love it.
Music is great!

b said:


Chris said:

They really miss Warren, don't they.

Tony Hoad said:

Was anyone in Australia not involved in the making of this ad? (See endless credit list.) Still, it's a pretty good spot. I giggled. Well done team everybody.

The Status Quo said:

It's not great, but its a shitload better than anything I've seen for woolies or coles. In a long, long time.

Where's the ham? said:

It's sweet and I like it.

PS My pseudonym has nothing to do with my comment.

WTF! said:

What does ham and surfing have to do with each other? Waste of marketing budget.

huh? said:

That was horrendous

Reality Check said:

Um this is actually just cheap, nasty shit. Are we suppose to put this jigsaw puzzle together ourselves? Many questions.

Why are there some random shots of a tiny redneck town with a few things painted red shown at the start?

Why does one surfing santa have an extra hat that he passes to another santa that already has a hat?

Why are the Santa's swimming out with a ham then surfing back in at the same spot? What's the purpose? Does it take 20 Santa's to marinate one ham in sea brine via surfing?

What is the life guard Santa spotting? The tiny set wave for the surfing Santas? 'Lookout! here comes a 3 footer!'

Why are the surfers wearing shitty santa costumes and wearing fake white beards?
Is it a costume party?

Why are a bunch of random shots sewn together in an edit and sold as a narrative?


Check yourself said:

It has made it into the Best Ads of the week and you have not.

Normie Rowe said:

I might get back into the game. I thought Coles had killed my career but after seeing this i reckon I'll get another shot at fame.

DMO said:

why is this mindless pointless shit displayed anywhere?

Badly written. Poorly shot. Woefully edited. Distracting Sound design.

I feel sorry for all of the practitioners that would have been paid a shitload of money to have this attached to their reputations.

No amount of money in the world would have got me on this project.

Another average job done by BMF

..wait..wasn't it an ad for "come to Byron Bay at Xmas "??

Ham actors' son said:

My dad is actually one of the surfing santas, so I should like this. I love my dad but what he was involved in is as good as waking up and finding out that Santa has left you nothing under the tree, but a big steaming turd in your Xmas stocking. Shithouse.

Hamming it up said:

Everyone's a feck'n critic

( well almost everyone )

Can't you people just enjoy something that's meant to be ligh hearted

Love it!!! said:

Love this ad! I'm even going to try Aldi for shopping now! About time we had a real Aussie Christmas ad and its soooo funny! Awesome job! Bahahaha Merry Christmas!

Hamful of fun..... said:

Cheers....what fun....the irony is the " hammy" production...brilliant!

Dean said:

Anyone who had anything bad to say about the ad is nothing but an opposition w>>>>R.

Film knowledge said:

Hey @dean,

Maybe they're just people who have a slight better understanding of when there is 60 seconds of brainless dribble on their television?

I agree with all the criticisms so far. And so far I haven't heard any valid defence of those points.

Jam said:

I turned on the TV last night and this Ad was played 3 times in a 3 minute ad break. Then it was played over and over throughout the evening. The music and 'Ho Ho Ho-ing begins to grate when played so often. I have never shopped in Aldi and after this Ad, I probably never will

EXILE said:

Gotta love it ...... the Aussie yobo tall poppy syndrome is alive and thriving.
Some of you folk stroke more than your Egos methinks.
Its an ad folks................not a da Vinci!

maurice said:

Live in Uk .. How many christmas Ads get them sent around the world from Palm Beach residents, and so many comments on so many sites. Times look good for the creators. Who gives a stuff if it's not PC. Maurice

Real people said:

Just googled to find out who made this ad and where as we love it. Hits it on the head for us as we live on the coast. Xmas for us is surf, sand, sun, ham, turkey, trimmings and Xmas cake at the beach depending on the weather. Some of these comments from last year must be from people that don't live on the east coast of Australia? And are obviously overly malicious? The other side feeling a bit touchy about a great looking ad? I think so.

chris said:

Is the song real? I love it and want it to be my Christmas 2013 anthem.

Joyful said:

Please let us know which beach these Xmas ham ads are filmed at.
Hubby and I argue every time an ad comes on.

Thanks very much in advance.

A of A said:

Noosa, tho A Bay for the first shot

Ace said:

Brad Pitt doing the moonlight thing, very clever.. Look closer at the commercial.

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