Battle of the Ad Bands winners The Hallway's Cake Club launches seasonal serenade

The Hallway.jpgFresh from their success at the Battle of the Ad Bands, The Hallway's Cake Club is cashing in on their new-found fame by bringing you a Christmas single.

Cake Club presents 'Deck The Hallway'.



Dribbly said:

Sam Teoh is so hot right now.

Cynic Al said:


Hentai said:

Yuji is so hot right now.

roselovesbabs said:

smooth vocals from the blonde hottie

The Lightness said:

Yuji is totes hot every time.

Wild Oscar said:

Ahhhhh Christmas. The most tasteful time of the year.

Warner Music said:

You guys looking for a label?

Oz said:

Emma D, you're such a star!

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